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real news from syria erdogan and hamads mercenaries burn houses and terrify families in al tadamon

Erdogan and Hamad’s Mercenaries Burn Houses and Terrify Families in al-Tadamon

Nov 15, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – “They have stolen everything even the kids’ savings”, Radwan said outraged as he was inspecting the damage in his house after the armed terrorist groups stormed his house and destroyed the furniture.
Pointing to a large hole in the backyard wall of his house, Radwan said the terrorists made this hole to sneak into his house as he ran away with wife and four children just like many other families who were terrified by the mercenaries who occupied their houses.
Two blocks far from al-Zubeir Mosque and close to the Police Station, the terrorists burned al-Nojoum Cinema which has turned into ruins with just few seats in a raw reminding of a cinema in the place.
They have planted explosive devices in the streets to detonate them remotely and kill civilians and army members.
The terrorists in al-Tadamon in Damascus have advanced weapons, including U.S.-made sniper rifles, according to residents in the neighborhood.

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