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real news from syria breaking news update november 23 2012

President al-Assad: Syria is ongoing with the national dialogue and fighting terrorism
 November 23, 2012    8:42 AM
Deir Ezzor: 10 insurgents, including Yassin al-Abdullah, got killed in armed conflicts in al-Jbeileh
 November 23, 2012    5:29 AM
President al-Assad welcomes Ali Larijani, the head of Iranian consultation council
 November 23, 2012    4:53 AM
Edlib: a booby-trapped car, loaded with 30 kg of explosives, has been found in al-Qusour Street
 November 23, 2012    4:49 AM
Our correspondent in Aleppo: a mortar shell has been fired on a building in al-Ozeizia, which resulted in material damages
 November 23, 2012    4:44 AM
Ali Larijani: Someone wants to leave the region by causing problems to Syria
 November 23, 2012    4:22 AM
Ali Larijani from Damascus airport: Syria has a large part in supporting the Resistance
 November 23, 2012    4:21 AM
Homs: Syrian Army annihilates all the insurgents of al-Baraa bin Malek battalion, including their leader in al-Wa’er
 November 23, 2012    3:03 AM
Homs: a car, loaded with arms, has been seized in al-Wa’er
 November 23, 2012    2:36 AM
Lavrov: we reject deploying Patriot missiles on the Syrian borders
 November 23, 2012    2:35 AM
Deir Ezzor: insurgents carry out a massacre for 4 persons and fabricate a videotape for the Syrian Army
 November 23, 2012    1:51 AM

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