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Breaking News Update: November 16, 2012

Edlib: Syrian Army kills insurgents in Ma’aret al-Nu’man

November 16, 2012   2:04 PM

Edlib: Three snipers were killed in the juggles of Mahanbal, located in Jeser al-Shughour

November 16, 2012   2:02 PM

Putin: there are persons who want chaos in Syria and Russia denies them

November 16, 2012   1:52 PM

Israeli airstrike targets the Interior minister in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza

November 16, 2012   1:47 PM

The Israeli government calls 75 thousand reserve soldiers to assault Gaza

November 16, 2012   12:58 PM

Aleppo: Syrian Army destroys 6 cars and kills all the insurgents inside on Old al-Bab Road

November 16, 2012   12:53 PM

Aleppo: 8 vehicles were wrecked no Hantarat – al-Layramoun Axis

November 16, 2012   12:51 PM

Aleppo: Syrian Army destroys a store for arms and explosive charges and kills many gunmen in al-Kallaseh

November 16, 2012   12:47 PM

The military official of al-Qassam battalions, Ahmad Abu Jalal, has martyred with his brother

November 16, 2012   12:32 PM

Netanyahu gives his green light for a land operation in Gaza strip

November 16, 2012   12:13 PM

Israeli forces raid on al-Maghazi area in Gaza strip, what resulted in 3 martyrs

November 16, 2012   12:08 PM

Al-Quds troops announces firing 8 missiles on Meftahim settlement

November 16, 2012   12:03 PM

Damascus Countryside: insurgents fire down a copter above Deir al-Asafir in al-Ghouta

November 16, 2012   10:23 AM

Aleppo: the initial toll of the blast is one martyr and 4 injuries

November 16, 2012   10:04 AM

Aleppo: a car bomb explodes in the French hospital of al-Ashrafia neighborhood

November 16, 2012   9:59 AM

Palestine: al-Qassam battalions claim responsibility for firing several rockets on the Occupied Quds

November 16, 2012   9:00 AM

Damascus Countryside: more than 20 insurgents have been killed during clashes with Syrian Army in Duma orchards

November 16, 2012   8:55 AM

Damascus Countryside: Syrian Army kills militants in raiding on their dens in al-Qaboun orchards

November 16, 2012   8:54 AM

Several handcuffed bodies of civilians were found near al-Zubair mosque of al-Tadamon

November 16, 2012   8:54 AM

Damascus: gunmen throw their weapons and run away to Yelda area

November 16, 2012   8:53 AM

Damascus: many armed men have been killed in clashes with Syrian Army in al-Amin Street of al-Tadamon

November 16, 2012   8:53 AM

Damascus: Syrian Army seizes a booby-trapped car in al-Amin Street of al-Tadamon

November 16, 2012   8:52 AM

Palestine: The Palestinian resistance fires down an Israeli warplane above Gaza district

November 16, 2012   8:37 AM

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