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mcclatchy newspaper israel coordinates with usa in supplying armed groups in syria with weapons

Feb 25, 2013

WASHINGTON,(SANA)- McClatchy Newspaper, run by the US army, stressed that Israel coordinates with the USA in the domain of supplying the armed opposition in Syria with weapons.

In a report published on its website, the newspaper quoted Israeli officials as saying “Israel is consulting with the American officials over the weapons sent to the armed groups in Syria, and it closely watches all types of the most complicated weapons that can be sent to these groups.”

An Israeli military spokesman told the newspaper that “Israel will not interfere in stopping weapons’ shipments to the armed groups in this stage, yet it is completely informed about all the inflows and outflows of weapons in Syria.”

The newspaper quoted an American intelligence source as saying “There are anonymous sides also that support those armed groups, and we don’t know the type of weapons they have…Israel must be cautious.”

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