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Apple: iOS 7 Beta 6 released – last beta of iOS 7?

The iPhone maker from Cupertino, California, has released the next beta of its mobile operating system iOS 7 faster than expected and according to rumours, the newly released beta 6 of iOS 7 by Apple is also the last public beta of the new iOS version for iPad, iPhone & Co.

The sixth beta version of iOS 7 should be released in next week. However, several problems at iTunes and its cloud have allegedly forced Apple to release the next beta version of iOS 7 already in this week. So, the new beta of iOS 7 is something like an emergency update by Apple for iTunes and its cloud connection.

According to the information by the known Apple blog “9to5Mac”, Apple has somehow surprisingly released the sixth beta of iOS 7 already now and not in next week. The new update of iOS 7 is a relatively small update; the download file is just 13.5 megabytes in size.

All those with access to the developer previews of iOS 7 can download the new beta of iOS 7 via the software update function. Thus, it is again an OTA update (“over the air”) and it is easy to update, even if one is no developer but has access to this specific area at Apple.

The new beta version of iOS 7 includes several minor bug fixes beside the important bug fix for the cloud problem at iTunes. Several users of the last beta version of iOS 7 (beta 5) have complained that specific purchases on iTunes would lead to false downloads and other problems. This problem is now fixed in the recent beta of iOS 7.

Apple iOS 7
Apple iOS 7

The sixth beta version fixes this problem, but the users of the iOS 7 beta version(s) need to make some few manual adjustments after the download:

Initially, the “ResetMusicAndVideosLibraries” configuration profile must be installed. Then the user has to go into the settings of iOS 7 and to select the Music menu.

In the music menu of the iOS 7 beta version, the user has to reset the media library (“Reset Media Library”) and to perform a restart of the iOS-device. Afterwards, iTunes should again work as usual.

The consequences of this release of iOS 7 Beta 6, which has happened earlier than planned by Apple, are not yet known. Some sources say this is the last public beta of the upcoming iOS 7 final, which is expected to be released by Apple in autumn this year.

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