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belaid before his assassination there is conspiracy in syria not revolution

Feb 11, 2013

TUNIS, (SANA)_Secretary-General of Tunisia’s Unified Democratic Nationalist Party Shokri Belaid said, hours before he was assassinated in front of his house in the Tunisian capital, that the situation in Syria is a conspiracy, not a revolution.

In an interview with the UAE Khaleej daily published Saturday, Belaid said ”What is happening in Syria is a US-Zionist conspiracy to impose certain political powers under the mantle of political Islam.”

”In whose interest is the arming of the so-called ‘Free Army? especially that those who are calling for it are Arab states who have played catastrophic roles in the region,” Belaid said.

Party leaders of the Popular Front Party and the Unified Democratic Nationalist Party had blamed the assassination of Belaid on the Tunisian government and the ruling Islamist Ennahda Party, casting doubts on the investigations in the case.

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