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al moallem ready for dialogue lavrov supporters of this line increasing

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Moallem assured before talks with his Russian counterpart that “the Syrian regime is ready for talks with all who want dialogue… including those who have carried arms”.

Moallem and LavrovIn a joint press conference with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, Al-Moallem indicated that “a governmental coalition was formed to negotiate with the opposition inside and outside Syria,” adding that “we still believe in a peaceful solution to the Syrian problem.

For his part, Lavrov emphasized that “there is no acceptable alternative to a political solution achieved through agreeing positions of the government and the opposition.”
“The Syrian people should decide their fate without external intervention,” he said, indicating that “the situation in Syria was at the crossroads.”

The Russian foreign minister expressed optimism that a solution could be reached through negations.
“There are those who have embarked on a course of further bloodshed, which risks the collapse of the state and society,” he said.
“But there are also sensible forces that are increasingly aware of the necessity to begin the talks as soon as possible to reach a political settlement,” Lavrov assured, pointing out that “the number of supporters of such a realistic line is growing.”

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