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Zo’bi: Syria Took its Decision to Fight Terror

Omran al-Zoabi

Syrian Minister of Information Omran Zo’bi in a press conference from Moscow after meeting Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov 23 April 2013, pointed out the main current issues regarding the Syrian Crisis and the reality of events as of now, emphasizing Syria’s official stance on all sides of the crisis. The following are highlights from his conference.

Omran Zo’bi Syrian minister of information in Moscow

Minister Zo’bi: ‘My meeting with Bogdanov was good and expressed a deep understanding to the nature of events in Syria, we had a thorough discussion of the reality, and we have a big trust in the republic of Russia people and leadership’

‘Syria took its decision to fight terror in one hand and go to dialogue in another’

‘Aggression acts against Syria are launched from western, regional and Arab countries, including smuggling terrorists and thugs’

‘Syrian Armed Forces did not target a single journalist directly by arrest or by fire, a full commitment to this was observed’.

‘Many journalists were injured during the war against Syria, most of them entered Syria illegally’

‘Ministry of Information allowed more than 300 media outlet from many countries, we have nothing to hide’

‘We welcome all media outlets to convey the truth from Syria’

‘Reality on the ground in Syria is a confrontation between the military establishment and terrorist groups. It is not possible to understand the ‘armed opposition’ concept and it’s strange from the political discourse’

‘There is nothing called Free Army, this is not an establishment rather a brand, and the majority fighting on the ground are financed by Saudi Arabia & Qatar.. Al-Nusra Front has an organizational structure with organized sources of arming’

‘The Syrian Electronic Army are a group of ethical civilian young men facing ethically the terror Syria is facing’

‘The Arab League organization does not grant legitimacy nor patriotic certificates to anybody, it has a specific job and it failed in its tasks, this organization is over and does not exist anymore’

‘Syrian people’s intention and their political will are totally directed towards planning and implementation to rebuild all what have been destroyed in Syria’

’28 hospitals and 1,200 schools were totally destroyed by the terrorists, thousands of facilities and industrial cities were stolen and transformed to Turkey in addition to grains silos and service centers.’

Syrian state officials have reiterate on each occasion since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, 25 months ago, the exactly same words and statements while the anti-Syrian camp constantly changed their positions and requests based on the outcome of massacres and crimes committed by NATO’s best assets Al-Qaeda ‘Freedom Fighters’

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