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Young Man Killed in a Landmine Explosion in Castillo, Northwest of Aleppo

Landmine explosion Syria - IED improvised explosive device - archive

A young man was killed by a landmine explosion in the El Castillo district, northwest of Aleppo city.

The landmine leftover by US-sponsored terrorists blew up in the 17-years old shepherd while grazing his sheep in the rural area in the outskirts northwest of Aleppo, a spokesperson for the Aleppo Police Command stated.

The young man from Aleppo is the latest victim of NATO-sponsored terrorists who plagued the areas they infested with killing tools that continue to harvest lives and destroy human beings and families long after the terrorists are defeated.

Aleppo was cleaned from NATO terrorists by the end of 2016, work is going on in the once-infested with terrorist districts of the city and its outskirts to clear piles after piles of weapons, munition, and IEDs – Improvised Explosive Devices, including landmines and booby-trapped household items. It’s an overwhelming, time-consuming, exhaustive, and expensive task especially noting that NATO member state Turkey until this date refuses to cooperate with UNMAS, the United Nations Mine Action Service, to handover maps of landmines planted by the tens of thousands it supported and continue to support in Syria.

Syria is losing hundreds of its people to landmines and explosives every year, most are children and farmers killed and maimed with limbs lost, mostly trying to return to basic levels of living after years of being displaced by the world’s largest terrorist army and its international sponsors.

Sappers from friendly countries are continuing to help the Syrian Arab Army’s Engineering Corps in demining the liberated areas, in Aleppo enormous efforts were extended by Russian sappers to help clean the city but too much work is still needed as proven with each of these explosions.

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