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Yemen Armed Forces Deliver Massive Blow to Saudi Coalition – Video

Yemen Armed Forces and Popular Committees Houthi Military Operation against Saudi Coalition

Yemen Armed Forces along with the Popular Committee forces have carried out a wide-scale military operation that delivered a massive blow to the Saudi-led coalition 3 weeks before they destroyed Saudi’s Aramco facilities.

The military operation is as important if not more important than the Aramco attacks themselves. Aramco attacks halved Saudi’s production of oil, gas, and derivatives, this military operation resulted in the capture of more than 2000 troops and destruction of their armored vehicles in one front they’re already losing big on it.

We didn’t hear any news of such from the Saudi’s coalition side, all we know that last month the Saudis bombed a prison where their own troops were held by the Yemeni armed forces killing all the prisoners there in a brazen war crime not that their record in Yemen, in general, is short of other heinous war crimes.

Brigadier Yehya Saree, spokesperson of the Yemen Armed Forces held a press conference at the capital Sanaa detailing the Saudi losses, explaining the operation and the forces that carried it out and the forces involved in it, and showing high-resolution footage of all sides of the military operation from preparation to execution to aftermath, the footage shows high professional war reporting and documenting that the likes of CNN would never reach.

Many titles can be picked up from this conference, each one should be the subject of further debates, international conferences, international condemnations, and to bring the war criminals to justice, in a normal world.

Due to the importance of this military operation and its strategic effects, its elements like the use of ballistic missiles, children soldiers recruited by the Saudis, Saudis bombing their own forces to avoid negotiating for their release, and even the Canadian firm supplying gears to the Saudis despite a ban in Canada on the same, we’ve taken on our shoulders to translate the full conference and added the English captions to the video – GRAPHIC CONTENTS Included, Discretion Advised:

Video also available on BitChute:

The complete transcript of the English captions of the video:

By the name of God the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious

Welcome to this press conference in which we put before you the details of the broad military operation which was carried out by specialized units of our armed forces in the axis of Najran.

Army Forces and the Popular Committees of various forces and military formations participated in this operation.

To begin with, we present you with the most important details about the operation:

With the help of God, the armed forces launched on Sunday, 24 Dhu al-Hijjah 1440 Hijri, 25 August 2019 operations named ‘Victory from God’ in the axes of the fronts of Najran. These operations are divided into several stages: Today we announce the results of the first phase after its success, the operation of the Martyr Abu Abdullah Haider.

The operation is considered one of the most prominent large-scale military operations carried out by our forces efficiently and ably during the battle to counter the brutal aggression against our country.

It is the largest luring of the enemy and deceived forces (traitors who joined Saudi Coalition) since the beginning of the aggression against our country.

The wide military operation is qualitative in terms of planning, size, fire density, geographical area as well as in terms of target, level, and routes of implementation.

The element of surprise to the enemy was one of the most important achievements of our forces to surpass the enemy and its intelligence.

The operation was preceded by a process of close monitoring that continued for months of monitoring, reconnaissance, and follow-up until the pounce on the enemy forces after luring it to the appropriate ambushes and traps.

The broad and qualitative military operation involved various units of our armed forces as part of the strategy of force integration between different military units after the reconnaissance forces and piercing forces arrived at their designated places.

An important role was played by cooperating national elements from within the ranks of the enemy forces, and from within the ranks of the deceived and the traitors was a factor of success.

With high confidence in God Almighty and his victory and support for us and the high morale and appropriate combat readiness the various military units participating in the operation have started carrying out their military tasks and their operation assignments, it began with extensive preparatory fire and targeted all enemy concentrations and enemy positions and locations.

The various military units succeeded in carrying out the operational tasks successfully and achieved direct casualties in various strategic directions of the operation according to the set plan.

The most prominent military units involved in the operation:

– The Missile Forces which, with God’s help, was able to carry out double strikes targeting enemy headquarters and military bases, including airports from which enemy warplanes are taking off.

The Missile Forces also targeted the gatherings and movements of the enemy and its mercenaries in the axes of Najran, Asir, and Jizan and achieved its objectives thanks to God.

The number of missile operations carried out by the Missile Forces in the first phase of the operation ‘Victory from God’: 9 operations, including the operation of ramming Jizan airport with 10 ballistic missiles.

– Also, the Drones Forces carried out successive strikes against hostile targets posing threat to our forces which were carrying out the large operation, the strikes of the Drone Forces disrupted enemy forces and contributed to the failure of his plans.

The operations of the Drone Forces extended to the depth of the aggression countries, especially Saudi Arabia, with more than 31 operations, this includes targeting a sensitive military target in Riyadh (Saudi Capital).

– Air defense units also participated in operation ‘Victory from God’, through the successful response to Apache helicopters and warplanes and forced it to leave the area of operations.

Response operations have been carried out with new air defense systems in addition to those previously announced.

Within 24 hours, the armed forces succeeded in blocking the movement of enemy warplanes by targeting its most important military bases and airports used in dual and joint operations between the Drone Forces and the Missile Forces.

– The Anti-Armor Unit had a prominent role in the operation, destroying a large number of enemy vehicles and fortifications.

– The Engineering Unit had a large share of ravaging the enemy, it destroyed more than 10 armored vehicles.

– The Artillery Unit which also targeted during the operation the enemy gatherings and fortifications it had a prominent role in inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.

– Other units also had a prominent role in the battle and in this successful operation.

Specialized units of our advanced ground forces began to encircle large groups of enemy forces in Najran axis after advancing in large numbers to ambushes and traps according to the plan.

According to the plan, our forces allowed additional numbers to be pushed by the enemy into the trap as part of the surge to attack our forces.

Specialized military formations took the task of cutting off enemy supply lines, the rear lines, from two different routes from the east and west, then our advanced forces tightened the siege on those forces from all four sides units of infantry, armor, engineering, and artillery from the heart of the front began a massive offensive operation.

One of the most prominent results of the operation in its early hours was the siege of various groups of enemy forces and attack fortified military positions.

During the first day, the operation resulted in heavy casualties among the enemy forces, the seizure of weapons and the surrender of thousands of deceived persons (traitor Yemenis within Saudi troops)

Here are the directions and paths of the process during its implementation and according to the plan.

Here are the full results of this qualitative and wide operation, which its first stage as we said is called the Martyr Abu Abdullah Haider Operation:

First, the liberated geographical area and military sites: Our forces succeeded in liberating a geographical area estimated at 350 square kilometers as shown in the screen.

This green area that is visible in front of you after the supply lines have been cut on the enemy and pounce on him from all directions.

The second stage is that the red phase is now being cleared in God willing.

The control of all military positions and enemy-created camps within the liberated geographical area.

The fail of three enemy military brigades which were in the liberated geographical area during the operation.

The extensive and qualitative operation reinforced the positions of our advanced forces in this area.

As is clear before you, the Minister of Defense reviews the map in the Command and Control room and makes some contacts with the field commanders to see the progress of the operation.

We now move to the scenes of the preparations of our troops and also the raids of our heroes from the Army and the Popular Committees as you can clearly see.

Now the hero fighters of the Army and the Popular Committees before the storming operation, they are studying the plan before the mission and the process begins to break into.

Now the march, the hero fighters are on the move to carry out the tracks, each on his own track and path.

The units now begin to strike military positions and enemy fortifications including artillery and other units hit the enemy barracks and fortifications before the start of the operation.

Also, the anti-armor unit, as evidence before you, played a major role in this operation.

The anti-armor unit targeted a large number of vehicles, we will show you some of them and the rest of the scenes will be shown in special additions.

Now the enemy had known that there was a siege of the area tried to flee, these are the military leaders who tried to escape, some of them were Saudi soldiers and Saudi commanders, as well as deceived leaders and traitors of the country who tried to flee, but the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees were on the lookout for them.

You will see the full scenes.

We now see together these qualitative scenes, now they try to escape, they are now putting the deceived of the country above these armored vehicles to protect the commanders inside and be a barrier to the forces of aggression.

Now these armored vehicles trying to escape from the grip of the Army and Popular Committees are being targeted, Engineering units carrying out ambushes for vehicles that attempted to escape, this first vehicle was ambushed and we will now see the second vehicle after an engineering operation exploded it.

Engineering units were heavily present in this operation and destroyed a large number of vehicles.

Now the Saudi armored vehicles will follow each other, as well as those of the deceived, and will explode one after the other until they gather. This third vehicle explodes.

Here are the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees in the green circles in front of these armors.

The scene is closer to these armor as it burns after it was ambushed by the engineering unit and heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees.

The warplanes are now trying to support their mercenaries as well as their deceived forces with a number of raids, but they all failed.

Now, these other armored vehicles after trying to flee, a number of them were ambushed, 3 armored vehicles were damaged, and the other two armored overturned down to the bottom of the valley.

Now, this is one of the Saudi soldiers returning the armored vehicle to the center of the line to cut the lines in front of those trying to escape the battle.

This is one of the Saudi prisoners from Mecca.

These are the dead of the Saudi army as well as of those deceived in front of the armor.

The casualties of the enemy resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of enemy forces, most of them deceived and seduced.

Our preliminary information confirms that the total casualty toll of the enemy exceeds 500 dead and injured.

More than 200 were killed by enemy warplanes, which shelled its mercenaries by dozens of raids, some were killed while fleeing and others while surrendering.

As is clear before you the scenes of these bodies of the seduced and deceived and traitors from the country as well as the Saudi soldiers.

Now we turn to the prisoners.

You can see a large number of Saudi prisoners as they say they have been forced into this battle.

Conversation with a Saudi POW:
Muhammad Asiri.
From where?
From South
Which south?
South of Saudi.

– Al-Taye’h (something) Otaibi, I was captured this morning at the valley, I’m from Riyadh

Which brigade?

– King Abdul Aziz Brigade

Prisoners of the Saudi Army and this is one of them… What’s your name?

– Abdul Rahman Muhammad Abu Twail

Welcome Abdul Rahman (!!!)

From where Abdul Rahman?

– From Saudi, Jizan…

God bless you (!!!!!!!!!!)

The operation resulted in the capture of more than 2,000 enemy troops, unfortunately, a number of these were children.

The aggression (Saudi Coalition) brings Yemeni children to the fronts of Jizan, Asir, and Najran to defend its forces. This is a major crime that is contrary to our customs and morals as well as international laws.

You also see before you now large numbers surrender after they arrived with their vehicles and armor.

They realized they had no choice but to surrender to our troops from the heroes of the Army and the People Committees.

Now, this picture they are fleeing to the mountains after they descended from those armored, commanders and personnel.

It now shows large numbers and scenes of numbers estimated in the thousands, the number of those captured were more than 2,000 prisoners who were captured in this first phase not counting in the remaining stages.

Now the picture shows the attempt of some to resist the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees and quickly lay down their arms and surrender to the heroes of the army and the Popular Committees.

Large numbers forced them into a holocaust they were far away and abandoned them with all his strength and equipment.

And made them a victim and prey to the heroes of the Amy and Popular Committees.

Yemeni officer calling his colleague atop the mountain: – Oh, Khalid, there are more than 700 ascending, collect them.

– Oh God

– Their bodies are scattered… scatteeeeeeeered.

Now they will surrender to the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees.

– My God all praise to you, this is from your blessings, all these prisoners

The prisoners are now surrendering to the heroes of the army and the people’s committees, they raise their hands in a state of humiliation and indignity after the Aggression has deceived them and threw them into this holocaust, they have nothing to do with it, to defend its borders and used them as front-human shields to defend its forces and the Saudi soldiers who hide behind the deceived and traitors of the countrymen.

A number of those injured in this operation are now receiving ambulance.

We also see large and massive numbers of prisoners.

These large numbers. This shows us that they have received money and that they have sold themselves cheaply to defend the Saudi regime.

Thanks to God and all praise to him during the large-scale operations to clear the Najran region the surrender of the so-called Al-Fateh Brigade (Conqueror Brigade!)

These thousands of deceived fighters surrender to the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees.

This is thanks to Allah Almighty and they are among their brothers, we call on those remaining in these valleys and in these camps to declare their surrender.

Now, these weapons appear before you of some who surrendered themselves with their full equipment and weapons after they were thrown aside and surrendered to the Army and the Popular Committees.

This is another footage of a large number now trying to introduce themselves and surrender to the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees.

Now the warplanes are trying to target the places where those deceived gather or the locations where they surrender.

There will now be other scenes of the bombing, another scene of the bombing by enemy warplanes bombed the deceived.

Our forces attempted to provide first aid to enemy casualties as a result of the airstrikes.

Saudi warplanes are bombing the mercenaries of the Fateh Brigade after they surrendered to the Army and Popular Committees.

Warplanes are now targeting the gatherings of about 500 war prisoners, targeted them with 6 raids.

Our forces attempted to provide first aid to enemy casualties as a result of the airstrikes, however, continued heavy flights and dozens of additional raids have resulted in further casualties among the deceived enemy forces.

This is another scene, too, after they were hit by aggression and cut into pieces and were trying to surrender to our troops from the Army and the Popular Committees.

What happened to the deceived mercenaries is a genocide carried out by the warplanes of the Aggressors which stepped up its raids to prevent them from fleeing first, and also to prevent them from surrendering to our troops and they had no third choice.

This is another scene that also documents the fact that large numbers were hiding from aerial bombardment it is bombing them, and they’re hiding in one of the caves from the attack and now surrender to the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees.

This is a big scene that represents the true image of very large numbers who have been seduced by aggression and thrust them into this losing battle.

They were arrested in the hundreds; the number of those marching is estimated more than 400 prisoners.

Those who surrendered to the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees after the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees tightened down on them in that front

In the first stage of the ‘Victory from God’ 3 brigades with full equipment and gears were eliminated between prisoners and dead and seize all the weapons that were in their possession and all this thanks to God Almighty, therefore, called Victory from God.

Also, this is another scene of large numbers of deceivers surrendering.

There are large numbers of scenes and we will show you, God willing, later large footage which displays all the scenes.

We showed just a little number of scenes in this conference to show you the scenes of prisoners and dead as well as the qualitative operations within this operation the Victory from God and in its first stage the Martyr Abu Abdullah Haider.

These numbers of others surrender to the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees will be offered them some meals and water because with the siege intensified, they suffered significantly.

This is also another group of prisoners captured in the first phase.

This is another group of prisoners.

Now first aid is offered by the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees to the wounded of the deceived and traitors of the country as well to the Saudi prisoners who were injured during this operation.

These are also a number of other prisoners who surrendered to the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees.

We now turn to the enemy losses in gear and weapons:

With the help of God Almighty, our forces were able to seize large quantities of weapons as shown before you in the screen of military equipment of various types and sizes.

Military spoils include heavy, medium and light weapons in large quantities.

Among the weapons and materiel are hundreds of armored vehicles and vehicles, as is evident before you in the screen.

Together, we review these scenes, the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees collecting the trophy from various vehicles, armor and various weapons which you can see,

Those when they surrendered were in large numbers, they surrendered to the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees and left all the equipment and weapons in their possession.

Now they also appear on the roads when they fled to the valleys and reefs and left their weapons and vehicles on the roads, it has become a spoil in the hands of the Army and the Popular Committees, the latest armored vehicles and the latest weapons and gears they left behind during this qualitative operation injured enemy personnel in one vehicle, their commanders left them alone.

As we said earlier that the vehicles and armored vehicles were estimated in the hundreds and there are large numbers will be displayed later, God willing, in military supplements and in news supplements will be displayed in the channels.

This kit we talked about earlier, which fell in this region.

This is also one of the two armored vehicles that fell from the asphalt line down the valley after escaping from the heroes of the army and the popular committees.

This is also belonging to the Saudi forces, these are other armor, a large number of armored vehicles, estimated at more than 15 armored vehicles and machinery, were burnt and damaged not counting the spoils taken by the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees.

Now you see these numbers burned by the (cigarette) ‘lighter system.’

All the armored and unarmored vehicles that tried to flee, some were burned, others have blown up by the engineering unit, and the rest became a spoil in the hands of the heroes of the Army and Popular Committees.

Now, the defense minister inspects the theater of military operations after the end of the operation and now appears as he ascends one of the Saudi armored vehicles.

Now the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees are repairing some of the vehicles and taking them out of the theater of operations.

Some of the vehicles were loaded with weapons and large equipment, as is clear before you in these vehicles.

This vehicle belongs to the so-called Al-Fateh Brigade and the Saudi National Guard appears before us.

Now the heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees are taking the armor as well as booty and various weapons to safe areas, take it out of the theater of military operations.

We will see other successive scenes of these armored and unarmored vehicles, and heroes of the Army and the Popular Committees transported and removed from the theater of military operations.

They are in different shapes, types, and sizes as shown in the screen.

It took our troops of various formations involved in the process in the first phase of the martyr Abu Abdullah Haider only 72 hours to implement and with great success.

The operation started at dawn on the 24th of August 2019.

The operation went through the stages of preparation and planning. The monitoring and reconnaissance of war and intelligence played an important and vital role before, during and after the operation.

As for the warplanes of the aggressive forces, it intensified its air raids in an attempt to foil our forces from achieving its objectives.

During the first 48 hours of the operation, more than 100 airstrikes were carried out, and during the full first phase of the aggression, 300 airstrikes were launched.

After the success of this operation, we emphasize the following:

The Armed Forces value the national and responsible role carried out by the elements cooperating with the Army and the Popular Committees in the ranks of the enemy forces, and in the ranks of its deceived groups and the traitors of the people of the country.

The recent operation proved the level of disregard by the Saudi enemy of the lives of the deceived and its indifference to their lives.

And after this fact became clear to all, all the seduced and deceived by the aggression to fight in his favor bear full responsibility for that.

The Armed Forces renew the call to all the deceived and traitors on the fronts of the axes of Najran, Jizan, and Asir that they should leave their positions and return home so that their fate is not the fate of their predecessors.

The Armed Forces are ready to ensure the return of all who wish to return by surrendering themselves to the Army and the Popular Committees and they will be cared for and taken to their areas and to their families.

Our forces will consider all those who try or act to push the Yemenis to defend the enemy army and fight in its ranks as a legitimate target.

It will publish all the information it receives about those involved in the crime of recruiting and deceiving mercenaries, including personalities, leaders, parties, and others.

We affirm here the statement on dealing with prisoners according to the principles of morality, values, and customs on the way of a comprehensive deal to exchange prisoners with aggression and its tools keeping in mind that this is a humanitarian file before it is a political one.

The victory of our troops is part of the legitimate response to the continued aggression against our country as well as the intransigence of aggression in solving the issue of prisoners despite the initiatives.

We salute our hero prisoners of the Army and the brave fighters of the Popular Committees in enemy prisons and in the prisons of the forces of aggression and occupation.

The Armed Forces Command extends its greetings to all the heroic fighters involved in this specific operation from various military units and formations it stresses the implementation of the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces to grant all participants in the operation the Order of Courage.

This operation confirms the level of organization, efficiency, and ability of our forces of all formations to carry out military operations in record time.

The Armed Forces salute the people of Sa’ada and Najran as well as the tribes who supported them on their national positions.

It calls on all honorable people in all regions and axes of combat to strengthen their role during the next phase in the service of religion and the homeland and in defense of our dearly oppressed Yemeni people.

This conference ended, we will meet, God willing, in subsequent conferences and peace and mercy and blessings of God.

End of the English transcript.

This military operation and the footage shown above leaves no place for the confessed liar the US Secretary of State or the Saudi weird Foreign Minister to deny the abilities and capabilities of the Yemen Armed Forces and cannot claim the battle happened in Iran or from Iran or Iran carried it out.

Hats off to the almost barefooted fighters of the mountains carrying their rockets on their shoulders and bringing down the world’s first-class – as claimed – military gears to its knees.

The mantra non-stop repeated by the warmongers in the USA and their cronies to justify war and further aggression against the Islamic Republic is already overused.

We hope the Saudi regime decision-makers would come to their senses after all of this and accept the Yemeni initiative for an unconditional ceasefire and let Yemen alone.

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    Thank You SO MUCH for the english subtitles on this incredible walk thru of that operation. This is what is needed to garner both information & interest from the world community, regarding the aggression of the Saud’s against Yemen. Most people are clueless as to what’s happening or even why.

    I sincerely hope word spreads to the SA’s that are being pressed into service that the KSA will kill you if you are between a rock and a hard place in this barbaric war they began.

    Perhaps that is the reason the Yemeni’s are being so generous to return several hundred prisoners. You can’t get better PR than the truth.

    A pox on the KSA & all of it’s allies.

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