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Almost One Year Later, Their Branch in Egypt Throw People Off Rooftops

by Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

In August of 2012, anti – Islam Wahhabi Sex Jihadist Takfiri scum threw Syrian mailmen from the rooftop of a government building.

The savages called them “Shabbeeha“, now it’s their branch in Egypt throwing people off rooftops. (GRAPHIC Contents in below video):

I wonder what the anti-Islam “Muslim Brotherhood” savages called the boys they threw from a rooftop, today, in Alexandra, Egypt; something blasphemous, most likely.

And, it was only mid-June, when currently arrested president Morsi brought the Saudi fanatic Arifi to Egypt, he who gives lessons on wife beating, recommends wrapping up a girl toddler so her daddy doesn’t stray, and reportedly issued an edict making the rape of Syrian girls and women permitted to the invading pathogens attacking Syria.

Arifi was given a podium, in Egypt, on June 15, from which he called for more savages to invade Syria, after which he was permitted to enter London (despite the reported Woolwich beheading), where he dressed in ‘western’ garb, chatted up an unchaperoned women, ate at MacDonald’s, and smashed an acoustic guitar for its kufrness.

Egypt is now reeling from the “Islamist domino working in reverse” as evidenced by children being tossed from roof tops, and the kidnappers’ and cannibals’ bff U.S. Senator, coup-creating illegal alien John McCain whining that “I say that with great reluctance, but the United States of America I think must learn the lessons of history and that is we cannot stand by without acting in cases where freely elected governments are unseated by the military arm of those nations“. Mr. McCain is hinting to his buddies as ‘freely elected governments’.

Children thrown off rooftop in Alexandria, Egypt by Morsi supporters
Children thrown off rooftop in Alexandria, Egypt by Morsi supporters

The other two thirds of the F/UK/US trio also seem to be in immediate need of four point restraints and of a permanent Thorazine intravenous drip, as Hollande (whose regime had recently invaded Mali) is now in IslamiST ruled Tunisia, blowing kisses (and other things) at Marzouki, and offering his regime 500 million euros for a job well done, and The Empire’s BBC actually interviews the barbarian who much too adroitly butchered the Syrian soldier, and ate his heart.

Given the psychotic rantings of his cohorts, and his personal “kill list,” I also must wonder if, when my President Nerobomba remarks about “what ordinary Egyptians seek and what they deserve,” these rooftop parties are “the stuff that [his] dreams are made of.”

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