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White Helmets Expands its Idlib Kidnapping Campaign


Four of dozens of Syrian children kidnapped by Nusra Helmets to be killed in front of the cameras.

White Helmets campaign of  ‘fake arresting,’ of kidnapping in Idlib continues and expands. During the last ten days, reputable media sources have exposed the mass kidnapping campaign led by al-Nusra Front and other designated terrorist gangs in Idlib. These al Qaeda gangs have mostly engaged in abductions of men, especially young men, under the pretext that they plan to join the Reconciliation Process led by the Syrian government.

Local sources in Idlib are also telling about the probability of using the abductees — reported as 1,000 Syrians — as victims for an upcoming staged chemical attack. This evil campaign has expanded to also kidnapping dozens of Syrian children from Idlib and from neighboring villages, by the same terrorist gangs, including the White Helmets.


Three children who belong to one family in Termin, a village in the countryside of Aleppo were kidnapped together. Other children were kidnapped from Zerba village and the Qah camp of internally displaced Syrians at the border with Turkey.

Meanwhile, the remnants of the White Helmets (many of them were illegally transported by Israel into Jordan, and are being spread throughout western countries such as Germany and Canada) have called its membership to be concentrated in specific areas of Idlib, where they plan to record their murders in the new round of a chemical hoax. British ‘experts’ from the mercenary corporation, Olive, have illegally entered Syria and are in the region to train the al-Qaeda White Helmets in another fraudulent rescue play, performed to convince public opinion to believe the fabricated attacks that they plot. Their slaughter is real. They are the perpetrators of these mass murders.

This scenario is not the first orchestrated by the west and executed by their illegal organizations in Syria.  It brings to our mind the al Ghouta “chemical attack” in 2013, when most of the children who were filmed in this terrorists’ own f attack, were children kidnapped from Lattakia northern countryside after massacre against most of their families — villages in Lattakia like Balloutah, Barodah, etc. The massacres were committed by Chechen, Saudis, and Qatari terrorists belonging to al Qaeda but listed as “rebels.” Qatar’s monarchy-controlled al Jazeera was part of the terrorist gangs and forced some of the women to thank their kidnappers for such very good treatment (in February 2017, Syria was able to negotiate the freedom of 58 captives.).

Many were had their heads cut, many women were raped then slaughtered. Many were put in boiling waters. Many were got their fetus plucked by knives from their uterus! No one at the UN cares about our slaughtered people. They only weep their crocodile tears for their terrorist White Helmets and their fabricated films against our children who they slaughter, and then they have dance parties. Syrian children are victims twice, and then become victims for the third time by the lies of the mainstream media. These lies are to achieve the wWest’sagenda in bombing more sites in Syria after accusing the Syrian Arab Army of committing the atrocities of their paid terrorists. These liars are committed to stopping the military successes of ridding our country of mostly foreign terrorists.

The day of the massacres and kidnappings against Lattakia in 2013 was on an August Sunday. We call it “the black Sunday.”

A Syrian grandmother said, “what happened to us could make the mountains cry from sadness.”

Our sadness echoes but the western people believe the lies of their media. They are deaf to us, and also ignore when the savage White Helmets admit the truth of their atrocities.

White Helmets
How did a White Helmet come into possession of a dead fetus & why does this pervert play with the body?

The four Syrian children in the featured photograph were provided by MP  Fares Shehabi , who tweeted Urgent: These kids were among many kidnapped by the White Helmets in the town of Zirbeh west of Aleppo to be used as victims in the upcoming chemical hoax. We hold the leaders of US/UK/France directly responsible for their safety.

— Afraa Dagher

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