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whatsapp android bugfixes

WhatsApp Messenger for Android

The developer team behind the often used and useful WhatsApp Messenger for Android have updated the test version of their Instant Messenger App for the mobile operating system Android by Google and the new test version, WhatsApp 2.11.11, includes several bugfixes and further refinements to the broken Wi-Fi detection of WhatsApp Messenger for Android.

After the WhatsApp version 2.11.8 / 2.11.9 included already several improvements for the Wi-Fi detection of the much used messenger App for Android, the new test version, which was released by the developers behind the WhatsApp Messenger for Android OS shall further improve the Wi-Fi detection and fix the broke and bad detection of the Wi-Fi connection on some Android devices.

In addition, there are again several miscellaneous bug fixes in the new test version 2.11.11 of WhatsApp as well as improved translations and further not detailed improvements. Further, the incorrect display of emoji in some certain situations has been fixed in this new test version / beta version of the successful WhatsApp Messenger for Android.

After the integration of a share button in the Android gallery to use 3rd party pickers, the bug fixes for the wake locks and certain battery drains in some situations, the new test version of WhatsApp for Android is another improvement and good update for the much used messenger. In addition, the bug fix for the notification tones on the external SD cards in the tablet or smartphone with Android in the last text version / beta version of the WhatsApp Messenger for Android was about time.

Beside the entry of WhatsApp Messenger in the Google Play Store, there is also a test version of WhatsApp Messenger available. The test version of WhatsApp is available as APK download, while the APK file of this beta version is signed and thus, there are no problems with either the installation / update on the of this APK file on the Android device nor with further updates in the Google Play Store in case if the Play Store version of the WhatsApp messenger is newer than the test version on the servers of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Messenger for Android
WhatsApp Messenger for Android

If you have allowed the installation of third-party Apps from “unknown locations” in the security settings of your Android OS, then you are able to just download the APK file of WhatsApp for Android and to install it afterwards. The installation as well as upcoming updates of WhatsApp Messenger for Android is no problem. The APK file is signed, as mentioned.

Changelog of the recent test versions of WhatsApp for Android:

2.11.10 / 2.11.11 / 2013-JUL-25

Further refinements to broken Wi-Fi detection

fixes for certain incorrect emoji display

miscellaneous bug fixes, translations and improvements

2.11.8 / 2.11.9 / 2013-JUL-23

improve bad Wi-Fi detection

add share button in gallery picker to use 3rd party pickers

2.11.6 / 2.11.7 / 2013-JUL-22

bug fix for notification tones on sd cards

miscellaneous bug fixes, translations and improvements

Download: WhatsApp 2.11.11 Messenger for Android

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