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Western Mainstream Media Failed Analyzes of Syria

Image - Western mainstream media failed analyzes of Syria

We sometimes wonder, not due any lack of knowledge but to give the benefit of the doubt to Western mainstream media, whether they are really attempting to report the truth or they’re just as we know them part of the propaganda machine of NATO? No wondering any more.

A picture tells a thousand words: Al Jazeera staff disappointed for the loss of Nusra Front terrorists in Al-Safirah
A picture tells a thousand words: Al Jazeera staff disappointed for the loss of Nusra Front terrorists in Al-Safirah

Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis in March 2011, Western mainstream media and their regional stooges namely Qatari al-Jazeera and Saudi al-Arabiya news channels have worked tirelessly hand in hand with the intelligence agencies working to destroy Syria, and in many times ahead of these agencies in their agendas.

Hundreds of posts, video clips and reports have been shared with undoubted evidence of the accomplices of the anti-Syria media along with anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists mainly al-Qaeda and its different variants like ISIS and FSA, but most went into deaf ears and blind eyes. With enemies of Syria willing to bankrupt themselves out spending for the propagandist tools just to destroy the last secular nation with an independent from Western monetary monsters IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve and their mothers in London.

We’ve reported how a CNN crew was caught red-handed with the terrorist group that blew up a gas pipeline in Homs countryside to accuse the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian Armed Forces.

We’ve reported how al-Jazeera crew was embedded and coordinating the acts of another terrorist group responsible of kidnapping tens of women and children from Latakia countryside, smuggling them to Damascus Countryside Eastern Ghouta then using them in the chemical attack there to accuse the Syrian Arab Army with it.

We’ve posted numerous reports  (series can be found here) How the western mainstream media and their regional stooges work to promote anti-Syrian propaganda to justify further destruction of the country and to whitewash the world’s filthiest filth the western sponsored terrorists from the horrible unseen before crimes against humanity committed by them.

Yet, their attempts don’t stop, because they don’t want to report the truth, they simply follow a very clear agenda to establish their New World Order. Their officials lost their voices shouting for it and their Sheeple still call who expose it as ‘conspiracy theorists’..!

Image - Western mainstream media failed analyzes of Syria
Western mainstream media failed analyzes of Syria

A post on Vox World (picture above) is just one of the most ludicrous fail attempt to describe the situation in Syria and the failure of western and their regional stooges from changing the leadership in Syria. Obviously the writer of this and the writer of the report it’s based on have nil and ill knowledge about the country, being outsider or 5th column will explain why the plot failed in Syria.

Adding the words ‘in fact’, and ‘sharing little known factors’ does not add any credibility to these reports, it does add further proof why the enemies of Syria failed to crack it like they’ve done to other countries. Now they’re searching for reasons for their failure.

During my compulsory service in the Syrian Arab Army, I pride myself to, I have personally attended one of the social housing distribution events in the Officers Club in Damascus where 200 eligible officers of ranks Army Major to Army General attended. They were all called to a ballot box randomly, they were from almost all divisions of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces and intelligence agencies. A committee of 5 officers was heading the event and it was headed by the Commander of Officers, a General reporting directly to the SAA Chief of Staff. Each officer was called to pull a paper out of the glass box and his apartment number was written on it. That’s how it was done and that’s exactly how it should be done.

One of the strongest property developers and infrastructure contractors in Syria is what’s known in Arabic as ‘MTAA’ (in English: Military Structure Execution Establishment). It works aside another establishment of the Syrian Ministry of Defense the Military Housing Establishment to provide housings for the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces staff all over the country within housing compounds and ghettos. I believe this is the exact same practice followed in the US itself. Theses compounds are usually built near the main cities where the SAA has significant presence and are guarded by SAA soldiers. Some of them were called ‘Assad Suburbs’ to confirm it was built with the guidance of president Assad.

The Syrian governments throughout the decades since the establishment of these establishments have often used ‘MTAA’ for civil work especially on major infrastructure projects. Jabal Qassioun ‘Mount Qassioun’ Establishment is one of Syria’s pride civilian property and infrastructure establishments, Sahel Establishment is another, and many more. They all work for the best of the Syrian civilians and have delivered tens of thousands of social housing units to midclass workers over the decades and all over the country. These housing complexes are also usually built near major cities and some of these new compounds were also called ‘Assad Suburbs’..

Each of these compounds are fully serviced with the latest amenities including and not limited to public hospitals, clinics and schools free of charge, subsidized to almost nil comparing with neighboring countries medicines and all essentials throughout the Public Consumables Establishment and its military counterpart the Military Consumables Establishment.

The difference between a leader of a country who cares for his people and Army use them to defend the country from enemies and gains the enmity of his country’s foes because of that, and a president of a country who doesn’t care for his own veterans who sends them to invade other countries far away for the benefit of corporations and lobbies then leave them to face their destinies in a shameful way, that difference is what pushes the evil powers in the world to attack proud countries before the infection of people’s welfare reaches their own homeland and they’ll be exposed further.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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  1. Winston Smith

    Is this real ?

    Obama ordered his “Color Revolution!$TH April. vast amounts of the American taxpayers’ money had been invested in this and plabbing, arming and training had gone on for 10 years. There was no popular uprising. This was followed by a “Covert Operation” using Jihadist paramiliraries fro outside the country.

    A huge amount of propaganda was released to the MSM to cover the events.

  2. ugandan citizen

    i think the world now knows the truth,the real souce of loss of innocent lives including h.i.v,the indirect tool,after causing harvorc to apeaceful state then they deny them refugee status,are the rest of the worlds population that foolish compared to one state that exploits others?pliz,am not supporting mr russia,but come what may,i think in struggling to hung mr.uncle sam who depends on other states mighty to pose personal benefit should better be realised,when have you ever seen the states fight alone?arebel remains a rebel,regardless of who supports the clique,dissappointed ugandan


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