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Finian Cunningham: Western Anti-Syria-Plots Are Failing

Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)

The known political analyst Finian Cunningham, who publishes interesting articles at e.g. but also on several other political orientated websites, news agencies, and magazines, said in a new article and statement about the situation in and around Syria that the Western campaign to overthrow the Syrian government in Damascus is losing its ground and this not only because in regards of the military aspects but also in terms of the propaganda scenario, carried out by Western powers.

According to a recent published article on the topic Syria by the political analyst Finian Cunningham, Washington, London and Paris are currently losing their “criminal covert military war for the regime change in Syria” and that “these state terrorists” (US, Britain, France) are also “caving in on the propaganda front”. And both statements are certainly true.

The known political analyst Finian Cunningham also stated in his new article on Syria and the Western proxy war and propaganda against the Syrian nation that the military defeats of the foreign-backed terrorists and mercenaries in Syrian cities such as Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, and Homs speak a clear language of the current situation for the Western powers – they lose on the battle fields within Syria.

Western lies and propaganda about Syria come out into the open

In addition, Finian Cunningham also mentioned the false propaganda waged by these Western governments and their media against the truth on ground in Syria in order to keep their citizens in the dark. Finian Cunningham stated in his article that the Western “lies and propaganda are unravelling as rapidly as the defeats being inflicted on their proxy death squads who have been operating in Syria for the past two years.”

Of course, under consideration of the recent days and weeks in Syria and the military defeats of the foreign-sponsored terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and their armed infighting with the Syrian Al Qaeda branch (e.g. al Nusra Front), it seems that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is on fire and no more to stop.

This raises the question, why now and not earlier but this is something to be answered later. Further, the Syrian army units still have very serious and hard tasks and imminent intense battles in front of them. One can just wish them the best to clean the soil of this secular Arab nation from all the terrorist groups of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the Al Qaeda offshoot in Syria.

Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)
Citadel of Aleppo (Arabic: قلعة حلب‎)

Finian Cunningham also pointed out the “eerie silence” by the Western media agencies in regards of the current success by the Syrian army units on the battlefields in the country. Thus, he asks such questions as “Where are the reports of Syrian army reprisals against civilians? Where are the claims of Syrian civilians crying out for the “heroic” militants to return and save them?”

The political analyst Cunningham also spoke about the recent video footage and all the upcoming reports from the districts of the strategically important Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) that confirm, for example, that the Aleppo citizens protest against the armed occupiers; thus, against the Western “democratical force” on ground, if somebody likes it a bit sarcastic.

The full article by the analyst Finian Cunningham can be found at Press TV.

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