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Washington Post: Distress Sale of right-wing Hasbara-Paper

Washington Post (Lies & Crap)

Distress Sale of right-wing Hasbara-Paper Washington Post.

As it has just been announced, the radical US-American Hasbara-Paper “Washington Post” has been sold off for 250 million dollars to Amazon-boss Jeff Bezos.

Internationally known is the “Washington Post” above all due to its extreme right-wing columnist Jennifer Rubin, who is constantly doing propaganda for all possible wars of aggression by the United States, which she chooses in the interests of the Zionist apartheid regime above Palestine, in her column “Right Turn”.

Even the editorial board of this filthy Zionist newspaper is fully behind the line of Jennifer Rubin and tries in its “editorials” since years to put pressure on the U.S. regime in order that the U.S. administration finally makes more war against Syria.

Apparently, the penetrating Hasbara of the “Washington Post” was finally no more well received by the audience and sponsors, so that the paper was now sold for the bargain price of 250 million dollars – for a comparison: just five years ago, at least a billion euros were under debate about the German fish wrap “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Also other Zionist propaganda corporations in the U.S. are slimming down. The radical-Zionist paper “New York Times”, full of warmongers, which is internationally known above all because of the Judy Miller-signed fabrications in order to spark off the war of aggression against Iraq – in the desire of the Israel-Lobby, has just dumped the fish wrap “Boston Globe” for a paltry 70 million dollars (belonged to the propaganda group).

And the worst sorts of Hasbara groups are not only slimming down in the United States. In Germany, the right-wing Zionist propaganda group, the “Springer Press” (Axel Springer AG), has just dumped some of its Hasbara-papers, from “Hörzu” over the “Berliner Morgepost” to the “Hamburger Abendblatt” – for around 920 million euros.

This is initially a series of good news. Although there is a fear that the buyers of the Hasbara-papers will continue the brutal course of the Zionist warmongering, but hope dies famously at last.

Washington Post (Lies & Crap)
Washington Post (Lies & Crap)

It is commonly said that as the reason for the Zionist propaganda groups behind the selling of some of their worst mud-slingers would be that the printed propaganda has got too much competition by the propaganda on the Internet.

But there is also another explanation:

the Pentagon budget, which is the biggest expense of the U.S. regime, is shrinking and Chuck Hagel does not like the Zionist rat race very much and because of the reason that the warmongering of the mass media is financed directly or indirectly not least by the U.S. defence budget, these budget cuts of the Pentagon do hit particularly the Zionist propaganda papers.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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