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US Naval Attack on Syria: Only with Huge Losses

Syria: Terrorist groups are using stimulant and synthetic drugs.

While it seems that there is now evidence that the foreign-supported terrorists in Syria are using several kind of stimulant and synthetic drugs, the military analyst and expert of strategic studies, Dr. Mostafa Zahra, said in a recent interview that the supersonic and long-range anti-ship Yakhont missiles of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are deterrents to an attack by the warships of the US military in the Mediterranean Sea. However, any war is to condemn and just increases the suffering of the people.

Dr. Mostafa Zahra, a military analyst and strategic studies expert, said in his interview that the long-range anti-ship Yakhont missiles of the Syrian army and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah are “serious deterrents” for Washington’s plans to carry out a U.S. naval attack on Syria by its warships in the Mediterranean Sea.

The military analyst, Dr. Mostafa Zahra, further said in this interview from Monday, that also the Iskandar high-precision ballistic missiles as well as the anti-ship Scud missiles of the Syrian army will target the warships of the United States in the Mediterranean Sea in case Washington launches the attempt of a naval invasion of Syria.

Dr. Mostafa Zahra then referred to the situation that the vessels of the American military are not capable to intercept or divert the Syrian anti-ship missiles because the U.S. warships are not equipped with any relevant weapons systems.

The so-called Yakhont missle, the P-800 Oniks, is a Russian (Soviet) supersonic anti-ship cruise missile that has been developed by the NPO Mashinostroyeniya as a ramjet version of P-80 Zubr. The Yakhont missles of the Syrian army have a range of about 300 kilometres. The Yakhont missiles (P-800 Oniks) can be launched from land, sea, air and also from submarines, of course. The NATO codename for the P-800 Oniks (Yakhont missiles) is “SS-N-26”.

So, according to this military expert, any military intervention by the U.S. military in Syria and also any airstrike from the U.S. warships in front of the Syrian coast would have also the result of dead American soldiers and this is probably a situation Washington really wants to prevent. At least, the Obama administration is not really interested in further news about more killed American soldiers in another senseless war (based on propaganda and lies) in the Middle East.

As mentioned above, there is finally evidende that the armed terrorist groups in Syria are using stimulant and synthetic drugs, which they receive from their backers outside the Arab nation. According to reports, units of the Syrian Army have found different types of pills in former strongholds of the armed terrorist and jihadist groups in Syria.

A war ship at the dock open ocean in the background
A war ship at the dock open ocean in the background

Al-Alam reports, for example, that Captagon is one of the most common ones found in these strongholds of the armed terrorists after the successful mop-up operations by the units of the Syrian Arab army (SAA).

Further, the police in Lebanon was able to stop an attempt to smuggle trailers filled with large amounts of these Captagon pills into Syria just two days ago. The Lebenese police were able to seize six trailers filled with large amounts of Captagon pills in the town of Saadnayel (Bekaa Valley of Lebanon).

According to sources from Syria, the use of drugs, doping substances and even alcohol has been allowed by the leaders of many extremist groups fighting in Syria against the secular Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. Some say the armed extremist groups in Syria are losing all kinds of limitations they traditionally hold in order to still be able to maintain their terrorism in Syria.

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