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War Preparations: Pentagon expands List of Targets in Syria

Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)

Possible US targets in Syria also include Syrian Army units.

The Pentagon is said to expand the list of possible targets in Syria after US President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has ordered the Pentagon to update the list of targets in the Arab country.

However, the news about the update of the list of possible US targets in Syria in case the US administration takes the decision to launch the war on Syria is neither new nor surprising. It was already reported about a week ago.

However, the guys in the editorial offices know that a war and its related topics is selling editions and it does not matter whether it is about print issues or the online presentation. The topics surrounding any war bring more readers, buyers, and visitors – thus, more money due to more sold print issues or the increase of the income by online advertisement. The same applies for sex, gossip and the relevant most interesting kind of sport – NFL (Football) in the United States, Soccer in Europe. That`s it.

In terms of the update list of possible US targets on Syrian soil, there are some aspects to consider. First, it is simply logical that the Pentagon has to update such a list of targets in Syria. The military resources and units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) are moved from one position to another and the same applies for the battle units of the Syrian army, of course.

While the list of the possible US targets in a war by Washington against Syria also includes units of the Syrian army as targets for airstrikes and missile attacks, it is to say that only a real dumb Ministry of Defence and military organ would not update lists of possible targets on a regularly base.

Of course, under the current turmoil in and around Syria, such a list of possible targets for US airstrikes and missile attacks gets more frequently update. Not to mention that the Syrian Army has been moving troops and military equipment due to the increased possibility of a US-led military attack against Syria.

Both sides, in order to keep it simple, because otherwise one would have to mention all involved sides behind the US war intentions, the conflict in Syria and the possible involvements of not yet known sides in case of a war by Washington against the Arab country, update their agendas, list of targets and the plans for the course of relevant actions for the possible circumstances, which could happen. That is simply normal. Everything else would be really strange and even counterproductive.

For the United States, any laziness in such topics would certainly mean the loss of more US soldiers and equipment, and the US administration has already a hard stand at home in regards of killed US soldiers in baseless wars and senseless military operations far away of home.

For Syria, the country that could be attacked, the military leadership has to consider possible losses of the army machine of the country, and that simply includes losses of air defence stations, missile bases and other kind of military camps.

Under the situation that the list of possible targets by the Pentagon also includes units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the military leadership of Syria has also to consider that several army units could quickly get unusable for any kind of military actions or for a military response toward the enemy.

However, although it is not yet mentioned in the media, there is a possibility that the list of possible targets in Syria lies in the drawer next to the list of targets in Iran and Lebanon. Maybe even beside the list of possible targets for the US military in China and Russia.

The updated report about the updates list of possible US targets in Syria for airstrikes and missile attacks, in case the US President begins the war on the Arab country, despite the possible response, losses and rejection, not to mention the dire consequences for the Syrian people and probably for the entire Middle East as well as the warning by Russia about a possible nuclear disaster, says that the Pentagon has initially chosen 50 sites to carry out the potential airstrikes.

Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)
Airplanes (F-15 / F-22)

These 50 sites were initially chosen by the Pentagon guys in order to “deterring and degrading” the ability of the Syrian military to use these sites anymore, although the report by the often biased Russia Today (RT) calls it “Assad’s ability to use his resources,” as if the Syrian President would have anything to say when the military leadership takes the power for the time of war.

But to be honest, such kind of reporting is useful for the propaganda and yes, while Russia Today (RT) often reports facts on Syria, it is no secret that the different editorial offices as well as even the different journalists and correspondents of Russia Today (RT) have a complete different opinion and duty in regards of the Syrian conflict and the American intentions to launch a war on Damascus. This explains the partly different reporting by Russia Today (RT).

The report is based on an article of the New York Times, which has recently published the photo of “Syrian rebels” on its front-page and presented to the US audience, as the key newspaper of the United States, how the US-backed terrorists execute seven caught Syrian soldiers by headshots. Afterwards, the Obama-supported “democratic rebels” have thrown the dead bodies of the previously massacred Syrian soldiers in a ground hole. It is to hope that such videos and photos are somehow able to convince further Americans that they are again on the false side of the conflict – just like in Vietnam War (see here).

The report further says that the list of possible targets for the military attacks on Syria was expanded with more possible targets on Syrian soil. However, it will never include all targets that might be important to gain a fast victory. That is impossible.

This is similar to the fairy tale of a “limited military strike” on Syria. Washington is able to launch the war on Syria and there is no question about this. However, the US administration is then neither in a position to maintain the control of its military actions against Syria and the consequences nor is it in a position after the launch of a military attack on Syria to end the war on the Arab country.

Not to mention that Washington would then support Al-Qaeda in the region and that US troops would fight on Syrian soil hand in hand with Al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in order to topple a secular government and to kill the president of the country.

The report also mentions that the updates list of targets by the Penton includes military units of the Syrian army. And according to the report, it just includes units of the Syrian army that reportedly store and prepare chemical weapons, military headquarters, as well as the missiles and the relevant artillery, which is then needed. Of course, in case the US will attack Syria, the chemical weapons in the stockpiles on Syrian soil are certainly really important. Do not take it too serious. I am not able to go further into detail, sorry.

Let`s just say that the Syrian Arab army (SAA) gives a partly non-professional impression with / on its surface, but the content is partly professional. Due to the cooperation with Russia, China, Iran and others, the long preparations for such a date, that was already predicted by Hafez al-Assad, there is a certain possibility that the recent statements by Syria and Iran, that an attack on Syria will trigger “unexpected consequences” are true.

This is what the US administration as well as Europe and the regime in Tel Aviv, but also Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have to take under considerations in their war plans and agendas for the Middle East to target the resistance against their kind of policies and the occupation by the “Zionist regime”. Not to mention that while it is understandable that Washington and others do not like the reluctant governments and regimes in the region, it is possible not the best reason to launch another war that could even be able to trigger the next World War (WWIII).

Any kind of war is horrible for the people. Let`s hope this war and any other war will be prevented.

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      • M. Klostermayr

        oh lol not sure.. I like the articles usual, dont read the comments.. I ve read too much comments in the two years and tried too many debates on the topics, even with some known activists and such kind of people.. its just worthless. waste of time. Even with all my pictures from the trips to syria and the videos denouncing western reports while I were on site at some places where the army has allegedly captured and arrested hundreds of prisoners.. the pics are worthless. despite metadata and all the stuff – we just can hope that syria survives and that no war will happen.

        • Arklight

          Depending upon the site, I do check the comments to test the quality of regular readers. M of A has good, and well crafted, articles that seem to be geared to a readership far above what the comments reveal, but that’s just my opinion. Any hard info yet on SAA encountering US or UK special forces in the Damascus area?
          Also, who cleaned out the mountains overlooking Damascus? Also, no recent news about operations around Tartus and northward to Latakkia? No rush, or anything, as I know you’re very, very busy. My best to all in your shop, MK; Live long, and prosper.

  1. Arklight

    The phony American Empire is falling apart, so look for Obama to make the attempt to take everyone else with him. In my opinion, the missiles will fly regardless of negotiations. Stock up on food, water and ammunition folks.

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