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Wadi Barada Agreement Update – Water Supply to Damascus

NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

After the hardest days for over 5.5 million people in Damascus City, an agreement is under way to restore water supplies from Wadi Barda’s Ain Fijah Spring.

As we have predicted 24 hours ago: Radical terrorists to Idlib and better even to their mother land Turkey, and a reconciliation for tens of armed men in 5 towns so far.

As we have mentioned, terrorists who refused to return to normal lives in Wadi Barada will be given the express ticket to Idlib, and even to their Godmother Erdogan of Turkey, into ‘Erdoganstan’.

The following video report from the Der Qanun in Wadi Barada area, Damascus Countryside (location on Google Maps Click Here):

Syrian Arab Army to restore the 10 villages of the area and the people whom were taken hostage by Western and Turkish-sponsored Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) terrorists will resume their lives, those with security issues with the state will get their statuses regularized and AWOLs from military service will be granted 6 months to join. Water pump to be fixed and water supply resumed.

The agreement is expected to be completed and repair teams arrive to the Fijah Water Spring main pump which was destroyed by Nusra terrorists to revenge their continuous defeats and to punish the people of Damascus for not joining their ‘evil Arab Spring’.

We have no clue how a declared War Crime by the UN would be treated, will Turkish president Erdogan cooperate to hand over these terrorists to international tribunals or he himself will ever be held accountable by any of the self-proclaimed ‘international community’ or even by any Turkish committee that is still not radicalized or remained human?

Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.
Syrian cartoon about the violent machinations of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

We will post a video report later today of tens of armed men settling their statuses at the reconciliation center established in Der Qanun.

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