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venezuelan president

Mar 06, 2013

CARACAS, (SANA)- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez passed away Tuesday afternoon after a long struggle with cancer.
AFP quoted Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro as telling the Venezuelan TV ” We received the hardest and most tragic information that we could transmit to our people.. Today Our leader President Hugo Chavez died.”

President Chavez won the elections in 1998 and came to the office on February 1999. He was reelected in 2000, 2006 and in 2011.
Chavez, 58, was suffering cancer.. his cancer was diagnosed in June 2011. He had three surgical operations in Cuba between June 2011 and February 2012, as well as chemotherapy and radiation treatment but the cancer kept coming back.

President Chavez is one of the prominent Latin American Presidents who exerted all efforts to maintain his country’s stability and security.
Over nearly a decade and a half, president Chavez adopted social policies based on enhancing the role of the state and its social responsibilities towards the citizens, particularly in the issues of health, education, housing and combating big monopolization.

Chavez stood by the Arab legitimate rights, including his honorable stance towards the conspiracy against Syria as he announced repeatedly his solidarity with the Syrian leadership and people in the face of the heinous imperialistic campaign hatched against it.
The Syrian-Venezuelan relations have witnessed remarkable developments in all fields.

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