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US Terrorists Blow up a Bus in Homs Killing and Injuring 14

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists blow up a bus in Homs killing and injuring many

US-sponsored terrorists blew up a bus carrying passengers near a main checkpoint in Homs countryside earlier this morning killing and injuring 14 people.

The terrorist attack occurred at the Al Mushrefa town checkpoint 13 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Homs in a military bus taking soldiers to their work in the early morning while students were also heading to their high school final exams on the same road.

Initial reports said there were 3 martyrs one of them is a soldier and 2 civilians, and 11 were injured, 5 of them at least suffering severe wounds and remain in intensive care by the time of this report, some of the casualties were from civilian cars passing by.

The names of the martyrs:

  1. Ali Ahmad Aqil/ military
  2. Mohammad Fayez Amin/ civilian
  3. Ahmad Horieh/ civilian

The names of the injured:

  1. Wassim Al Dhyab
  2. Samer Balloul
  3. Hafez Ismail
  4. Tha’er Shaaban
  5. Haidar Ali
  6. Yarub Al Solaiman
  7. Mosaab Al Ali
  8. Lieutenant Colonel Danial Al Khatib
  9. Aziz Al Solaiman
  10. Ahmad Sammouni
  11. Duraid Al Ahmad

The casualties were rushed to the hospitals in Homs.

This terrorist attack comes 5 days after US-sponsored terrorists, believed to be from ISIS assassinated a ranking Syrian Arab Army officer, Brigadier Jaafar Ali Al Akhras, in the southern neighborhood of Al-Iddikhar in the city of Homs by blowing up his car.

Brigadier Jaafar Ali Al Akhras assassinated by US-sponsored ISIS in Homs

Brigadier Al Akhras commanded Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units in a number of Syrian cities and was known for his outstanding courage, especially in close combats with Al Qaeda and its ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) offshoot, he was in the front of liberating Daraya city south of Damascus about 7 years ago.

Obviously, the USA and its camp of evil Zionist Nazis and evildoers especially of the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance and their regional stooges, mainly Qatar and terrorist groups are upset about the recent rapprochements with Syria taken by a number of Arab and non-Arab states despite its tedious efforts to block these rapprochements without achieving its main goal of the war of terror and attrition on Syria.

Officials from the USA, the European Union, and some Arab states have explicitly vowed to increase the economic siege on Syria and threatened to impose sanctions on countries and businesses dealing with Syria, at the same time, allowing ISIS terrorists to flee from its ‘high-security prisons’ and from the ISIS breeding camps of Al Hol and Rukban in the northeast and southeast of Syria it runs with the help of its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists.

Today’s explosion has all the fingerprints of ISIS, the US-created, sponsored, trained, armed, funded, and commanded offshoot terrorist group from Al Qaeda, the original US-created, sponsored, trained, armed, funded, and commanded terrorist group founded in Afghanistan and spread wherever the USA wants to invade to ‘combat terrorism’ as its officials claim.

ISIS affiliate Maghawir Thawra thanking the USA for the new gear in the Syrian Al Tanf

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  1. Roy

    About what I figured they do, anyone who can predict the behavior of adolescents can predict the behavior of America’s ruling class; and,
    until either they either learn to behave themselves or are displaced, the world will continue to not be able to have nice things

    After the treat on my life for commenting here, there have been a number of disappearances, either willingly or otherwise of the people who often surround me; and criticism of wat is to soon be legislated as a crime under banner of “anti-Semitism”. I would have thought that others were capable of military aggression, but apparently not in the minds of some; so. whenever they get around to killing me; I have a duty to god to speak against such serious crimes against humanity as these.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    That’s horrible, I don’t know what’s happening in Homs, why the security is so loose there? It’s about time for the Syrian Resistance to target the American oil thieves directly to expel them from the country then the Turkish army and its al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists and the Kurdish SDF terrorists will leave immediately after the Americans leave.

    • WPS LOL Admin

      Unfortunately Homs is an unlivable city because for years it was a rebel fiefdom destroyed almost everywhere, where degradation reigns supreme (once it was the third most important city in Syria today it does not seem to have a future perspective, even if it has still been liberated many neighborhoods such as the suburbs have been destroyed, only the city center seems to have returned to normal


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