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US-sponsored Terrorists’ Mass Shooting in Daraa Kills Five Civilians

ISIS affiliated Maghawir Thawra terrorists receive training from the US army in Al Tanf - Syria

A mass shooting in the city of Al Sanamayn carried out by terrorists operating out of the US Army-protected zone in southern Syria had left five civilians injured and two women and a child injured yesterday 27 June 2022.

A Group of terrorists raided a gathering of civilians in the residence of the head of the agricultural department in the city of Sanamayn (Sanamain) in the northern Daraa countryside, the terrorists opened fire at the crowd from their machine guns inflicting several injuries before fleeing the scene, five out of the injured succumbed to their wounds shortly after arriving at the military hospital in the city of Sanamain, a source in the Daraa Police told the Syrian news agency, Sana.

The Daraa Police source added that two women and a child were among the wounded whose injuries were described ranged from mild to moderate and are not life-threatening.

Local sources in Al Sanamyan said that the head of the agricultural department in Sanamain was not injured in the attack that targeted his house, the sources added that a former Baath party official in the city, Kamal Al Otma, was at the house at the time of the attack but did not elaborate on his status, some sources claim he was killed in the terrorist attack.

Despite clearing most of the southern region of Syria from NATO-sponsored terrorists including those of ISIS and Al Qaeda of the ‘Moderate Rebels’ the US spent hundreds of millions of dollars on training and arming, and the remnants of those terrorists fled to a region in the furthest southeast of the Syrian desert in Al Tanf where the US army is illegally deployed. From that area, the terrorists launch their attacks against the Syrians in the southern provinces of Daraa, Sweida, Quneitra, and Damascus southern countryside and flee back to the 50 kilometers zone protected by the US army.

Yesterday’s terrorist attack is no exception, and unless the Biden junta removes their forces illegally deployed in Syria, the country will not be able to overcome terrorism similarly to all the countries that face terrorist attacks where NATO troops are deployed, especially countries with oil resources whose oil is not completely managed by western conglomerates.

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    They kill with no purpose other than to terrify the public and show they’re capable of evil, typical American style of shock and awe.


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