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US-Sponsored ISIS Terrorists Kills 3 Syrian Army Soldiers in Deir Ezzor

ISIS terrorists attack a Syrian bus in Deir Ezzor

Three soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army were killed and 12 others injured in an attack carried out by ISIS terrorists in southern Deir Ezzor countryside.

ISIS terrorists attacked a bus carrying soldiers on their way home from their posts in southern Deir Ezzor province at the Al Malihah – Ash Sholah area on the Deir – Ezzor Damascus highway at 1:40 pm in the afternoon of Sunday 24 January 2021, as per a Syrian military source.

The source added that 2 ISIS vehicles that came from the At-Tanf area in the southeastern Syrian desert opened fire on the bus killing 3 soldiers and injuring 10.

Syrian air force chased the terrorists’ vehicles and managed to destroy one of them and damage the other killing most of the attacking terrorists.

The Syrian military source directly accused the US-led coalition operating illegally in the eastern Syria desert of supporting these terrorist attacks by ISIS from its illegal military base in At Tanf area, where it also keeps thousands of Syrians hostages in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp which is run by an ISIS affiliate called ‘Maghawir Thawra’.

This is the 4th attack within the past month against buses carrying soldiers off duty and civilians as well as against oil tankers in the eastern Syrian desert. The open desert is connected with Iraq’s western open desert where ISIS also saw a resurgence recently.

It’s not a coincidence that these attacks occurred shortly after tens of ISIS terrorists were flown by US helicopters from the Kurdish SDF-operated prisons in Ghuweiran, Industrial complex, and Ash-Shaddadi in Hasakah southern countryside in the northeast of Syria to the At-Tanf base.

Syrian permanent representative to the United Nations Ambassador Bashar Jaafari called on the USA, in the last UNSC virtual meeting this last Wednesday, to withdraw its troops illegally positioned in Syria and to stop plundering Syrian oil, wheat, and resources, and burning what it cannot loot, and to stop supporting terrorist and separatists armed groups in Syria.

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