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US-Sponsored ISIS Kill, Injure, Kidnap Syrians Collecting Truffles in Hama

US resurrecting ISIS in Syria

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists attacked a group of Syrian civilians in al San al Salamiyah, in Hama governate on 6 April. The savages murdered one, wounded several others, and kidnapped the rest. The group was engaged in truffle gathering. The injured were taken to the al Salamiyah National Hospital for treatment. At this writing, details have not been released to the public.

As there are no refineries in Hama, there are also no illegal American military bases there; having no grain silos to pillage is also another reason for their to be no illegal military bases there. Though the subterranean fungus called truffles are rich in protein, essential micronutrients, and amino acids, excavating them is labor-intensive, and not worth a criminal military base. As part of the Trump-cum-Biden forces campaign for a final solution against Syria, when there is no environment to steal massive quantities of foodstuffs or oil, the only thing left is to unleash ISIS to murder and maim.

ISIS was created by the Obama regime, and differs from al Qaeda only as this gang of violent savages are the excuse for US and other NATO war criminals to bomb, invade, occupy the Levantine republic.

ISIS Air Force - Team America - Syria - Trump - Obama
ISIS Air Force – Team America – Syria (image source:

Though the always bipartisan — and now also diverse — Strangelove Pentagon has been chomping at the bit to fully revive ISIS in the SAR since mid-2019, the atrocities must be unleashed at a pace that allows the influx of NATO weapons, that allows Madman Erdogan to destroy part of Syria, that allows the murderous yet stupid-because-they-do-not-know-they-are-cannon-fodder SDF terrorists to image total ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrians for which they have no secessionist claim.

In December, Trump forces engaged in military exercises with ISIS in al Tanf, Syria, which is not part of the USA. Last month, ISIS massacred 18 Syrians, also in the Salamiyah area.

The author gives a reminder to the US terrorist occupiers and their malignant ISIS:

ISIS will be crushed and USA ejected
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    OMG, the never-ending suffering by the poorest of the Syrian people at the hands of the world’s most evil people and their sponsors.


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