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US-Led Coalition Commits a New Massacre in Raqqa


The US-led Coalition of criminal and rogue states committed yet another massacre against civilians in the city of Raqqa on Tuesday 3rd October 2017.

Local medical sources reported at least 21 persons killed and 14 injured in an air raid on a water well in the ‘White Park’ northwest of the city which is still under the control of ISIS terrorists.

The medical sources confirmed that most of the killed were women and children in the US-led coalition air bombing which also resulted on completely destroying the water well, the last water source for fresh water for the civilians who are still in the city.

The US-led coalition of out of the international law states and their on the ground groups of armed gangs called as SDF have also destroyed the water tanks used in the city to reserve fresh water.

There are about 15 thousand civilians in the city beside ISIS terrorists who control a number of neighborhoods like Fardous, Downtown, Badu, and Rumeila.

Just one day earlier on Monday, the US-led coalition of rogue states destroyed 2 residential buildings in Raqqa city killing 40 civilians in yet one more of their heinous crimes against humanity under the guise of ‘fighting ISIS’, the same ISIS they only nourished and sponsored to use against the Syrian people, their state and their infrastructure.

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already protested a number of times against the crimes of the uninvited coalition against the Syrian people and the Syrian infrastructure to the United Nations to deaf ears. The last complaint was just last Thursday 28 September in 2 identical letters to the head of the United Nations Security Council and to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Unlike Russia, which was officially invited by the Syrian government to assist in bombing terrorist facilities end of September 2015, the US-led coalition was created by the same countries behind the carnage in Syria to place a foothold in the country for them and has not been serious in targeting ISIS positions, on the contrary, it targeted on numerous occasions Syrian Arab Army positions to allow ISIS control more territories.

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