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US Follows Kurdish Massacre of Syrian Military with White Phosphorus Bombing


Yesterday, SyriaNews reported on the ambush and slaughter of members of the Syrian Military Security by terrorist Kurds in Qamlishi. The little reporting on the slaughter called it “clashes” and suggested the armed terrorists had engaged in self-defense. The United States followed up this atrocity with two of its own: Dropping two white phosphorus bombs on Hajin, in Deir Ezzor, which the Syrian Arab Army has cleaned of ISIS terrorists.

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory. If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense. — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer & Professor at Columbia Law School.

It is likely that the deadly violence against members of Syria’s Military Security was committed by the separatist Kurds in a murderous rage over Iran having bombed a “Kurdish-Iranian” headquarter in Koya (which is either in Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan or Kurdistan or something referred to as an autonomous region) a little under one and a half hour earlier.

Their bodies were reported to have been mutilated, a barbarity was previously seen in Daraa, June 2017, when NATO’s beloved White Helmets cut off heads of Syrian soldiers they murdered.

As virtually always in times of massacres against Syrian, an AFP correspondent was on the scene. Unlike other times, neither photos nor the grizzly 30-second video of the Qamlishi street was soiled with liters of Syrian blood.

This writer suspects credit omission intentional; also on the scene was a one-name ”freelance journalist” who strangely tweeted that “Iranian Kurdish political parties and armed movements are not separatist. All of them are for autonomy within Iran.” He did not explain how armed killers against government military and law enforcement use their weapons to maintain the integrity of borders.


Iran used surface-to-surface missiles to blow up the meeting of two “political parties” which claim to be Iranian, though not meeting in Iran, though having previously crossed into Iran with their weapons, likely for purposes of having bake sales.



A simple way to understand the geography of “Kurdistan, Anywhere” is to tear up all maps & apply the IDF’s mutable “Area ‘C”’ standard.

The US previously used white phosphorus in its obliteration campaign against Raqqa, in June 2017.  The Pentagon issued an un-denial:  “At this time, we have not received any reports of any use of white phosphorus,” adding that “none of the military units in the area are even equipped with white phosphorus munitions of any kind.”

Alas, there were no journalists available to even ask why the US would be bombing anywhere in Deir Ezzor; the cover story for the war criminal bombings of the SAR is to ‘destroy ISIS,’ and the SAA liberated Deir Ezzor from these terrorists.

The intrepid Syrian General Issam Zahreddine was martyred while freeing this region.


Miri Wood


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