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US C130 plane Damaged while landing at Military Base in Iraq

US C130 plane Damaged while landing at Military Base in Iraq

A US Air Force plane skid off the runway while landing at the Taji military base north of Baghdad, Iraq, on Monday. The C-130 aircraft sustained damage to the structure, wounding 4 people on board, as claimed by some officials.

Note: The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is supposed to be capable of using unprepared runways for takeoffs and landings, however in this case, it just left the very much prepared runway for some reason.

The video is also available on BitChute.

Who cares about the real number of casualties and the cost of damage from this and other incidents to the plane, its crew, and its cargo, we will never know as the US’s Pentagon lies constantly to hide their casualties and remain looking Hollywoodish superior in front of their fanboys.

When Iran bombed the Ain Asad heavily protected and protected US military fortress west of Iraq back in January this year, the Pentagon claimed they had a few US soldiers suffering from ‘headache’ therefore they needed to be withdrawn from the country, all other sources on the ground confirmed not less than 110 US soldiers in total were killed in the high precision missile strike by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the IRGC, avenging the cheap murder of their reverted leader General Qassim Soleimani at the hands of Trump the week earlier.

ISIS terrorists active in western and northwestern Iraq will definitely miss some of the incoming goodies, the Pentagon ensures at all costs their most reliable suicidal assets are fed well and taken care of to carry out its already disavowed operations against the Iraqi and Syrian people.

Watch testimonies on how the US troops in Tanf made the delivery of 90 brand new pickup trucks to ISIS terrorists near Bu Kamal town east of Syria to keep threatening the Baghdad – Damascus highway – Video credit R & U Videos:

In a way earlier video a member of the so-called Maghawir Thawra terrorist group affiliated with ISIS appeared in a video thanking the USA for the gifted machine-gun mounted pick up trucks they badly needed to invade nearby towns for massacres and looting and as well to suppress thousands of Syrian civilians in the infamous Rukban Concentration Camp deep in the desert:

Just look how cute when an ISIS-affiliated terrorist thanks the US taxpayers for the delivery of the costly gifts.

More Pentagon’s sponsorship of ISIS and the acknowledgement of the US officials of their wrong in doing so can be evidenced in this post:

The same Trump who promised his electors to withdraw the US troops from the useless costly intervention wars in our region but instead increased their numbers and carried out a series of unprecedented unjustified illegal inhumane heinous shameless cowardice low-level crimes the likes of bombing Syria with his stooges more than once based on lies his team fabricated, the assassination of top visiting Iranian General Soleimani and the host the top Iraqi commander Abu Mahdi Al Mohandis, both of whom were essential in the battle against ISIS, the increased sanctions with the purpose of harming the ordinary civilians, the theft of oil from the Syrian and Venezuelan peoples, while doing nothing good for his own people, instead he harmed his main electors by starting the trade wars with everybody else.

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