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US Bases in Syria Bombed as Biden Expands the War on Gaza

US Army bases - oil thieves- illegally occupying Syrian oil field - archive

Senile Joe Biden expanded the US-led Israel war on Gaza into Syria bombing facilities in Syria used by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allied forces, in response, the SAA, the Syrian and Iraqi resistance bombed the illegal US military bases in Syria and in Iraq inflicting at 56 casualties among the US oil thieves.

The latest fire exchange took place at early dawn today, Monday, November 13, when the US Army bombed several posts near the Al Mayadin City Bridge and the Al Sayyal district in the city of Al Bukamal in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. The US Army aggression murdered a soldier of the SAA allied forces and injured another.

In response, the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces bombed with kamikaze drones, Aragon grad missiles, and artillery the illegal US Army bases in the Conoco Gas field, Al Huwayejah town, and the Al Omar oil field in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

Local sources confirmed hearing loud sounds of explosions in the targeted illegal US Army bases and on its outskirts without being able to identify the losses among the US oil thieves due to the state of chaos in the targeted bases.

Lloyd Austin, a former board member of Raytheon, a major US weapons manufacturer, who is now temporarily serving in Biden’s junta as the US Secretary of Defense to bring in more business to the US military-industrial complex, admitted in a statement that his forces in Syria carried out an aggression on the ‘facilities in eastern Syria’ claiming it was ‘used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ without presenting any proof that the IRGC was using those facilities.

The war criminal of the Biden Junta ‘justified’ the US aggression by claiming it was in response to repeated attacks against his forces in Iraq and Syria, Austin failed to state the legality of his forces operating in Syria in the first place.

US CENTCOM, the US command in charge of the US war crimes in the Arab and Muslim world had admitted that 56 of the US military personnel have fallen casualties between killed and ‘injured’ as a result of 46 bombings of their bases in the ‘Middle East’ since the 17th of last month, October.

Biden promised in his presidential election to end the ‘forever wars in Afghanistan and in the ‘Middle East’ and though he did manage to withdraw the US Army in a chaotic way from Afghanistan, followed by the fleeting of the armies of NATO consequentially due to lack of coordinating with them, he has increased his country’s direct and indirect involvement in existing and new wars globally and vowing to open a new front with China over the Chinese province of Taiwan.

The Syrian Resistance promised to bomb the illegal US Army bases in the country each time Israel bombs Syria, and the Iraqi Resistance started bombing the illegal US Army bases in both Syria and Iraq in response to the US-led Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza. International Law does not grant the right of self-defense to the US Army being an illegal occupation force, especially in Syria, while it gives all the rights to resist the occupation to the people of the land, Syria and Iraq, by all means.

Watch former US President and Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, and a US Pentagon Official explain the tasks of the US Army in Syria:

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  1. crisscross767

    The U.S. led War on the People of Palestine and the Middle East is a Criminal Undertaking

    Israel and the Zionist lobby in the U.S. are NOT exerting undue influence AGAINST U.S. Foreign Policy as outlined by numerous analysts.
    Quite the opposite. The Zionist lobby is firmly aligned with U.S. foreign policy, and Vice Versa. It targets those who are opposed to war, who call for a cease fire. It exerts influence in favour of the conduct of the U.S. military agenda in support of Israel.

    The US military-intelligence establishment in coordination with powerful financial interests is calling the shots in regards to Israel’s genocidal intent to “Wipe Palestine off the Map”.

    America’s Military Doctrine: Targeting and Killing Civilians
    The targeting of civilians and the killing of children in Gaza is modelled on numerous US sponsored massacres of civilians (1945-2023) including the 2004 attack on Fallujah. (More than 30 Million mainly civilian deaths in US-led wars in what is euphemistically called the “post War Era”).
    Veteran War correspondent Felicity Arbuthnot reflected on the indescribable barbarity of the 2004 Fallujah massacre, which resulted in countless deaths and destruction. It was a genocide conducted by the U.S military:

    “The Americans invaded, chillingly: “house to house, room to room”, raining death and destruction on the proud, ancient “City of Mosques.”

    Marines killed so many civilians that the municipal soccer stadium had to be turned into a graveyard …

    One correspondent wrote: “There has been nothing like the attack on Fallujah since the Nazi invasion and occupation of much of the European continent – the shelling and bombing of Warsaw in September 1939, the terror bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940.”


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