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US Army in Syrian Oil Field Bombed after Israel Bombed Damascus Airport

US Army oil thieves in Syria - file photo

The illegal US Army base occupying Syria’s largest oil field in Deir Ezzor was bombed yesterday a day after Israel bombed Damascus International Airport and other sites in southern Damascus killing five Syrian soldiers.

While the US army admitted the area housing its oil thieves at the Al Omar oil field was bombed, it tried to downplay the attack, as usual, picturing its oil thieves as some invincible supermen who do not get killed or injured from rockets explosions, somehow, it also claimed it found a fifth rocket a few kilometers from the targeted area:

US CENTCOM admitting their base bombed in Deir Ezzor Syria
US CENTCOM admitting their oil thieves brigade was bombed

The above CENTCOM statement does not explain what happened to the other 3 rockets, they attacked the base, and…?

A Syrian source told the Russian news agency Novosti that “the largest US military base near the Al-Omar oil field in northeastern Syria was attacked by a missile on Sunday evening.”

Novosti did not elaborate on the identity of the Syrian source, we will assume that the source is from a Deir Ezzor law enforcement agency monitoring the US oil thieves.

The Syrian source quoted by Novosti described the rocket attack as the “most violent attack” thus far adding:

The missile attack targeted the American base in the Green Zone inside the Al-Omar oil field, where sensitive sites were targeted, and the sounds of explosions were heard inside the American base, which is considered the largest in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Local sources confirmed hearing loud sounds of explosions followed by fumes of smoke and fire rising from the targeted area. The sources also saw ambulances and firefighting vehicles rushing to the so-called ‘Green Zone’ housing the personnel of the oil thieves division of the US Army.

A state of panic chaos was obvious among the US oil thieves with US warplanes flying all over the targeted area and its vicinity, the local sources reported.

The US Pentagon and other US officials can accuse Iran or militias affiliated with Iran of the attack, the US officials are not really known for their honesty, especially for things of importance. The established fact is that the US army is operating illegally in Syria, its former commander in chief stated its mission is to “Keep the (Syrian) oil” because he “likes oil, so we’re keeping the oil.” It cannot be more obvious than this.

Another established fact is solidified that each time Israel, the US welfare queen, bombs any site in Syria, the US army will get bombed in retaliation. This rule of engagement is an addition to Syria’s and the Syrian people’s full right in fighting the foreign invader and looters of their riches whether they are of the US Army, or any of its affiliated and proxy forces: NATO, Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, Israel, or the Turkish Army.

If the US people do not want to see their soldiers returning home in body bags, that is if they were to be found and collected in bags, they should call on their ‘elected’ politicians to withdraw their troops from Syria. Occupying Syrian territories, stealing the Syrian oil and wheat, bombing Syrian civilians, and helping terrorist groups is not in any way defending the United States of America, or its people. There’s no such thing in International Law called ‘defending the interests of the USA and its allies,’ this literally means defending the big corporations running the politicians running the USA.

Yesterday’s bombing of the illegal US oil field comes after a series of similar bombings targeting the US troops, and still, the Syrian National Resistance carrying out these attacks are wearing their soft gloves on, once those are removed at any given time, the US troops all across the region might live the Beirut 1983 attack on the US Marines again.

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  1. Jack Oliver

    Syria – keep on doing it with impunity because the ZIO/US Rothshilds owned media will never admit that it happened !

    Bule ( Indonesian ) means Caucasian !

    ‘ Stupid Bule ‘ – slaps forehead – is a very well used phrase here in Indonesia !

    280 million people in Indonesia – over 17000 Islands !

    150 million motorbikes !

    THE ZIO/US/EU are finding out the hard way that they are not the centre of universe !

    Knowledge IS power !

  2. Roy

    Much, maybe even all that you say is true, but there is no government here we are as the US loves to say, a failed State, nothing but gangsters and thugs run what was once a country, even Biden’s own son is a Mafia Don, our three branches of a former nation are less legitimate than say the Vice Lords, the Gay Lords, the Latin Kings, the Hells Angels, and hundreds of other Mom & Pop gangsters who at least care about their neighborhood, and this land mass called America. These gangsters in DC even assassinate singers who dare to tell the truth, as just a single case in point, King Von, from the south side of Chicago, gunned down in the middle of an Atlanta street, in the middle of the night by two Mafia cops on the order of a father of a Mafia son. All is not as it seems in the USA, with pedophile Supreme Court Justices, raping and killing our most vulnerable among us, but between just you and me, King Von, just like Jesus, has risen from the grave, and with the grace of God, we shall defeat these Luciferians.


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