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US Army Helicopters Airlift 6 ISIS Commanders in Eastern Syria

US army military helicopters in Syria - حوامات طائرات هليكوبتر تابعة للجيش الامريكي في سورية

US army helicopters airlifted 6 ISIS commanders in northern Syria within 48 hours as declared in a statement issued by the so-called USCENTCOM, the command center commanding the war crimes of the US forces in Syria and the region.

In its statement dated 20 December and published on the US military website, USCENTCOM claimed its forces conducted three separate ‘helicopter raids’ in eastern Syria, without specifying where in large eastern Syria bordering Iraq.

The statement added: the ‘helicopter raids’ resulted in the ‘detention’ of six ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) operatives including what the USCENTCOM statement claimed was a senior official in the terrorist organization and was involved in the planning and facilitation of ISIS attacks in Syria!

US army military CENTCOM statement on detaining ISIS in Syria

The USCENTCOM statement provided no evidence of its allegations, it did not state the names of the terrorists despite the extensive planning it claims it carried out before the operation, you need to trust their words just like you trusted the Iraqi WMD fake story that led to the invasion of Iraq by the USA and its UK lapdog in 2003.

ISIS did not attack the US illegal military bases in Syria and was only attacking Syrian army posts and civilians after similar airlifts or helicopter raids resulting in the ‘detention’ of ISIS operatives.

There have been dozens of verified incidents in which the US army, especially its helicopters were seen moving around ISIS commanders and airlifting from areas of danger when the Syrian army is about to encircle them, or when a media PR stunt is needed back home during setbacks to the sitting White House junta, and some times killing ISIS terrorists who go astray or their value killed is more than their value alive.

In one incident in April earlier this year, the CIA freed dozens of ISIS terrorists from a detention center/spa in southern Hasakah city in order to receive a $200 million grant from the Pentagon to ‘capture’ the ‘escapees’ in the Syrian province.

The US army, its allied coalition, and its proxy forces are deployed and are operating in Syria illegally for the past 11 years without a mandate from the United Nations Security Council, their operations are against international law and the Charter of the United Nations, and most importantly, with no consent from the Syrian government thus breaching Syria’s sovereignty. The same US regime and its western allies flood the world with their crocodile tears over the sovereignty of Ukraine!

The whole world knows that the United States created and sponsored terrorists in West and Central Asia, especially Al Qaeda Levant and its ISIS offshoot, the announcements of operations to detain or kill ISIS commanders in Syria like the one mentioned above, or in Iraq are only for the consumption of the US taxpayers, the biggest fools in this whole scam of the George W. Bush through Biden White Houses’ dubbed the war on terrorism.

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