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US Army Claims to Kill Senior ISIS Commander in Northern Syria

US Army helicopters in Syria - USCENTCOM

US Army operating illegally in Syria claims to have killed a senior commander of their own proxy ISIS terrorist organization in a helicopter raid in northern Syria.

The so-called USCENTCOM claimed in two consecutive statements issued yesterday 17 April 2023 that the US Army illegally deployed and illegally operating in Syria carried out a helicopter raid somewhere in northern Syria, and killed what it claims was a senior leader in ISIS.

In their first statement, the USCENTCOM claimed they killed two armed men along with the targeted ISIS leader without naming who that ISIS leader was. It also claimed that there were no civilians were killed or injured in that statement.

US Army helicopters in Syria - USCENTCOM

In their second statement, the USCENTCOM claimed they identified the targeted ISIS leader as a so-called ‘Abd-Al Hadi Mahmud al-Haji Ali’ who was ‘responsible for planning terror attacks in the Middle East and Europe plotting to kidnap officials abroad as leverage for ISIS initiatives,’ the statement concluded.

The USCENTCOM is the US military operation command responsible for the military war crimes committed by the US Army and its direct proxy forces in the Arab and Muslim-majority world. Their basic missions in Syria are to steal Syrian oil and food from the Syrian people and to help the different terrorist groups created and controlled by the CIA under the guise of combating ISIS.

ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) is an offshoot of the al Qaeda Levant (Nusra Front – Jabhat Nusra) which in turn was revealed to be the main force behind the facade dubbed the FSA or the Free Syrian Army, the armed terrorists who Western mainstream media took years to call them ‘rebels’ after claiming the Syrian Arab Army are only fighting “peaceful protesters” across the country.

USCENTCOM did not provide further information on the whereabouts of their helicopter raid yesterday and did not elaborate on the nationalities or levels of officials this now claimed to be eliminated ISIS senior leader was planning to kidnap.

Readers are advised to take the claims of the US military with a massive grain of salt. The terrorist they claim to have eliminated might very well be one of their assets who ran astray, a disposable terrorist they eliminated for propaganda purposes, or even a complete fabrication like the McNamara Vietnam fake body bag counts used for public relations marketing and to get more money from the Pentagon’s petty cash funds that are supplied by the same politicians who never voted to have American troops in Syria.

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  1. Roy

    That’s sort of interesting because last week I was reading an article about US and Israeli affairs and some commentator claimed that all of Syria’s 500 tanks were in the north, engaging terrorists there, while the Israelis were preparing to invade the south.
    Well, in reply I didn’t bother to mention Syria’s 5,800 mile long Trans-Syrian Railway, that was more than able to transport not only those 500 Syrian made tanks, but its other two, heavily armored highly mobile divisions as well, in a single day to the southern border if needed I; instead I said that I thought that he’d been sniffing too many bottles of dry cleaning fluid; but who knows? Maybe the US wants the dead terrorist commander to lead the Israeli forces into battle? I’ve lost count of how many of these dead terrorist commanders have come back to life only to die again and again; must be Judaic mysticism.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    They lie for a living, where’s the body? CV of the killed terrorist? How did they get to know that much about him? Was he before one of those released by the US’s Kurdish SDF proxy terrorists? And who did they get permission from in Syria to have presence in Syria and then to kill on Syrian soil?!


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