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US-Armed Killers Murder 2, Injure 3, Using Landmines

Syria 's child tests a smart prosthetic. [Archive].

A new landmines atrocity perpetrated by US-armed and MSM-supported killers murdered another 2 children and critically injured three more. These grizzly, cowardly murders happened on 14 August, in Housh Hajou in the countryside of northern Homs. The three wounded children were taken al Bassel Hospital in Karm al Louz. al Bassel is an actual hospital, unlike the ones that do not exist, yet are the cause of crocodile tears by western leaders, their colonial serfs, and various moral degenerates scattered around the four corners of the world.

As landmines do not fall from the heavens into the waiting arms of the mass murderers in Syria, they also do not magically evaporate when these savages leave. In fact, once they see the writing on the wall, and plan the retreat, they plant landmines and other explosive devices in agricultural lands, playgrounds, toys, and homes.

As of this writing, no US/EU medium has reported on today’s atrocities in Syria. This is likely because Mockingbird media are still herding focus to the Epstein death, mass shootings in the United States, and quarrels over who the biggest racists are. Certainly, we are supposed to avert our collective gaze from the fact that racism is the deformed offspring of murderous colonialism, and we are especially not permitted to notice that those most faux righteously condemning racism, are staunch supporters of colonial aggression by western states and that they come in every coloration.

Sapper Dismantling Landmines IED Improvised Explosive Device
Sapper Dismantling Landmines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices)

These current triage responsibilities of western media do not explain why they — “neutral,” “conservative,” “liberal” — have consistently neglected to report on the almost weekly mutilations and deaths by landmines in Syria. Of course, they never reported on the Smart Prosthetics Project for Children, nor have they ever challenged the illicit economic terrorism wrongly named sanctions.

They have done their job well, though, if we consider the various teams of western serfs have a blind spot that prevents noticing the inclusivity of all, in support of mass killers unleashed to destroy other countries.

Miri Wood

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