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Update on Trump’s Fake Withdrawal of Illicit Troops from Syria


While western colonial serfs proceed to condemn Trump’s fake betrayal of the US created SDF, they continue to ignore the obvious: His fake withdrawal of illicit US troops from Syria.

Trump’s tiniest of moves away from the border that Syria shares with Turkey have brought out the criminally stupid peons of NATO countries, to decry –in western supremacist entitlement — the Trump regime giving part of Syria to Turkey…because these entitled western supremacist saviors wanted that specific part of Syria given to the traitor separatists .

The new wave liberals — to the right of neocons, making them winners in the Mockingbird races — have joined with the neocons in losing sleep, in losing any sense of international law, and losing all sense of reality.

Just as Trump’s 19 December 2018 nothing tweet — which barely offered inference of withdrawal — created a wave of mass hysteria, the two groups erroneously considered polar opposites remain aligned in imperial conquests.

This is a fake withdrawal. Trump is not bringing troops home. The swamp-drunk POTUS continues to huff those decomposing fumes.

Swamp Drunk Trump - Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk
Swamp Drunk Trump – Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk:

Almost immediately, the USA’s 45 bragged about his military forces occupying Syria’s oil fields in Deir Ezzor.

This is Syrian oil, the imperial US president claims as his own.

Trump has done another bait and switch; the fake withdrawal is simply a re-deployment of illegal American troops having invaded and occupied specific areas of Syria.

SANA has aptly described the fake withdrawal as an investment in terrorism, moving hundreds of Daesh/ISIS terrorists from illicit occupation bases, into Iraq 

…the US troops have been working on transporting hundreds of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists whom they detain from al-Jazeera (northeastn Syria) region to Iraq after gathering them at the US illegitimate bases.

Dozens of terrorists have been helicoptered out of al Hol camp, over the recent days. We remind our readers that prior to the criminal military incursion by Erdogan regime forces — prior to some dissolution and reconciliation — on 29 September, of the 300 civilians kidnapped by the SDF, an unknown number of them were forced into this terror camp.

Neither the forced displacement of Syrians from their homes into al Hol, nor the subsequent removal of terrorists from the camp by US illegal troops has been reported in NATO media, concerns over terrorists beating up ‘kapo security’ and also escaping have.

In the choreographed hysteria over the fake withdrawal, geopolitical amnesia has again taken over; let us pretend that the Pentagon did not threaten to revive ISIS in September.

Contrary to media lies, an honest withdrawal is a simple action, involving leaving. Here we see some illegal US occupiers leaving a Syrian town (please note that media supporting the imposition of a new Sykes-Picot on Syria has appropriated this video, claiming that these Syrians are only the ‘betrayed Kurds.’). As they leave, these occupiers are thanked with rocks and rotten produce:

We also remind our readers that at a stakeout in October 2014, Syria’s UN Ambassador, H.E. Bashar al-Jaafari stated that if NATO countries halted their arming of terrorists, and ended the facilitation of entry of the world’s human garbage, the Syrian Arab Army could eradicate ISIS in ”three days.”

If American illegals should get lost on the way out, Dr. Assad could provide buses.

There is no need for a fake withdrawal when a real one is so much more efficient.

Miri Wood

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