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UNSC Syria Meeting: Pedersen Continues as Failure; Fake Torture Victim Celeb Guest

Al Qaeda terrorists in Idli in their brand new vehicles awaiting NATO UNSC humaintarian aid

UNSC anti-Syria junta has increased its number of monthly propaganda meetings in which the gang discusses the needs of the Levantine Republic from the point of view of the NATO Spring of regime change to impose a new Sykes-Picot. The most recent of these meetings was on 29 June. Per the United Nations Meetings Coverage & Press Releases, this gem was entitled Renewing Resolution on Cross-Border Assistance into Syria Crucial for Saving Lives, Supporting Political Solution, Special Envoy Tells Security Council.

UNSC anti-Syria meeting 29 June.
UNSC anti-Syria propaganda meeting 29 June.

NATO-affiliated diplomat Geir O. Pedersen, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria, made a return performance to the UNSC, in which he essentially continued to demonstrate his utter incompetence. Despite holding this position since January 2019, Pedersen has not been able to move the Constitutional Committee anywhere near a constitution (round number eight was the latest in the list of failures), the fundamental requirement of UNSCR 2254 (2015). Nonetheless, his flagrant ineptitude did not prohibit him from dictating to the UNSC that — essentially — NATO should be in charge of Syria’s borders, that only NATO supremacists can save Syrians from the hell imposed upon them by the junta.

Additionally, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has provided the inadequate Pedersen with an assistant — money appears to be of no importance when it comes to colonial regime change.

Incompetent receives an assistant.

UNSC pro tempore president, NATO Albania, brought in the State Department propaganda asset who functions as a phony torture victim, Omar AlShogre, to address the Council and to demand Resolution 2585 be rolled over and expanded for purpose of NATO control of Syria’s border.

US taxpayers confronted by the worst food and housing insecurity in almost one hundred years will be thrilled to know that their taxes continue to fund this criminal fraud, in every aspect of his propaganda, and also in his college education. Alshogre is the Director for Detainee Affairs at the Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF). The SETF — which holds 501(c)(3) tax-subsidized charitable status, was originally created as the devoid of Libyans Libyan Council of North America. This charity arm of the warmongering State Department has also been involved in what appears to be Epstein-like marketing of little Syrian girls, ignored by all NATO-affiliated MSM and by our supremacist politicians and diplomats.

Since he was ‘discovered’ by the State Department asset and founder of the anti-Syria war pimp SETF charity Executive Director Mouaz Mustapha , Alshogre has given countless interviews lying about his phony brutal torture by ”the regime,” including playing the circuit on Capitol Hill, particularly when Adam Kinzinger has been nearby.

The arrogance has been beyond flagrant, as the pretty boy asset moves all extremities symmetrically, engages in impressive acrobatics, maintains all his luxurious hair, pretty teeth, and really really nice fingernails (Sorry, Charlie, but it is impossibly to pull out fingernails. Avulsions tend to occur from crushing injuries — including angry dog bites or other crushing injuries — and the nail beds tend to be permanently destroyed. His many claims of long-term, untreated tuberculosis have also been a source of arrogant fraud.).

Extensive torture does tend to cause permanent deformities, disabilities.

For those interested in watching the US’s State Department asset address the UNSC in all his western supremacy stridency, and hyper-emotional arrogance, his eleven minutes and thirty-six seconds statement can be viewed, here.

On a chilly winter day, my friend took me on a delightful walking tour in Paris. Everything was a new charm. My friend noticed someone had left a fresh loaf of bread and a book on a ledge and asked why there was no jug of wine. We laughed and kept walking.

And then I saw the barefoot beggar up ahead. He was dressed only in pants & a sleeveless undershirt.

He was missing an arm, completely.

When we reached him, I saw that he was missing both arms: They had been surgically disarticulated.

Disarticulation is the separation of two bones from their joint. There is no industrial accident, no trauma, no congenital deformity, no malignancy that could explain the symmetrical removal of both his arms, exactly from their shoulder joints; generally, an industrial accident, like an IED, will blow off one forearm.

It is not like lower legs being fried from electrocution. It is not like Professor Dannoun getting into her car that has been rigged with explosives which are remotely detonate by moderate FSA members who received the detonator from the US, as “non-lethal aid,” whose legs could not be salvaged.

The neat layers and levels of thick keloid scarring where his arms once were, showed that his Mengeles did not surgically remove his arms during one time in the operating room. This man had been flayed over and over, too many times to count during the short period I was near to him.

I would have wanted to ask him too many questions, but even first introducing myself as a nurse would have cut the small measure of the terrible dignity of a barefoot beggar. His countenance was far more distant than his sadistically abducted arms, and simple human decency demanded that I might only be permitted to drop the largest euro bill into his bucket and quietly walk away.

Some Syria News readers have wondered if the war asset who address the UNSC on 29 June, who fabricated bathetic stories about chronic torture, may have appropriated the surname of Syrian Arab Army soldier Yahya Alshogre, martyred by NATO-affiliated armed terrorists after he stated Syria would wipe out the ISIS invading pathogens.

The Russian Federation’s First Deputy Permanent Representative, Dmitry Polyanskiy, unequivocally told the UNSC that the “main threats to the security of Syria and the entire region come from the remaining large-scale terrorist presence in Idlib, cross-Euphrates area and Al-Tanf that are not controlled by Damascus,” and that “that the path to resolving the Syrian crisis goes through terminating foreign military presence that violates the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and putting an end to regular strikes of the Israeli air force, last of which targeted the International Airport of Damascus on 10 June.”

The US’s Richard Mills stood in for Thomas-Greenfield at the UNSC anti-Syria propaganda fête. He thanked Pedersen for his tireless incompetence, expressed a “special thanks to Mr. Alshogre” for being “very proud” of spending tax dollars on utilizing him as an asset, and that — of course — the US stands with the fabricated “Syrian people,” those supportive of the destruction of the Levantine Republic by foreign pathogens aided by NATO countries.

Actually, there is nothing new added to the United States’ demand for imperial occupation of the Syrian Arab Republic, but those interested can read the supremacist’s statement, here.

To cut to the chase, this UNSC anti-Syria meeting was no different than the meetings that the golpistas have been holding since the unleashing of the NATO Spring.

The only difference was perhaps the higher pitch of imperial arrogance, as noted by the NATO-affiliated Rescue in its obnoxious claim that it joins with twenty-eight other NATO-affiliated NGOs in demanding NATO control of the borders of the Syrian Arab Republic.

In 2018, after the butcher of Yugoslavia tweeted his support of this NATO alleged non-governmental organization, Syria News did a short report in which we pointed out several aspects of nasty corruption and outright lies from this group — and it has not made any moves toward cleaning house.

We provide His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh‘s statement to the UNSC in Arabic and with simultaneous English translation (though we continue to hope that the Syrian diplomat will soon provide all with a transcript of his important statements).

On 10 July, the western supremacist UNSC Resolution 2585 (2021) will expire. We anticipate that Russia and or China will unequivocally refuse to agree to resuscitate this deadly new Sykes-Picot.

Miri Wood

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