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UNSC NATO Junta Holds Monthly anti-Syria Meeting

Syria Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Bassam Sabbagh - Security Council, OPCW, NATO

UNSC held its NATO junta-driven anti-Syria monthly meeting on 24 August. At this writing, the United Nations website has not concerned itself with uploading the summary of the meeting. As such, we are forced to do a bit of filling in the empty spaces, in addition to reporting on the repetitive lies of the klan, based on their tweets, and statements of Excellencies Vasily Nebenzya and Bassam Sabbagh. This was the first meeting since last month’s passage of UNSCR 2585, which extended the humanitarian aid to al Qaeda in Idlib for another six months or another year, depending on the perspective of different P5 members.

As expected, the UNSC klansmen feigned oblivion to the recent Israeli war criminal bombing of Damascus and Homs; ignored the ongoing Biden regime forces occupation of the SAR, and the ongoing massive theft of Syria’s oil reserves by these American illegals; ignored the increase in terrorist atrocities committed against Syrians in their homeland; continued their complicit silence over Erdogan’s water war crimes regarding his criminal military occupying the Alouk water plant in al Hasakah, keeping indigenous Syrians cut off from their water supply, as part of NATO Turkey’s ethnic cleansing operation.

Geir O. Pedersen continues to be the NATO United Nations Special Envoy for Syria. In his three-page statement to the UNSC, Pedersen again called for Syria to stop protecting its citizens from terrorists (Orwellianly described as a “nationwide ceasefire”). He gave a wink to phony objectivity by noting “violence involving non-state armed groups” (who would rightfully be called terrorists if they occurred in exceptional NATO countries). He frequently used the trigger words, women and children, gave attention to an explosion on a military bus — reportedly caused by a wiring problem — almost as if to ignore Erdogan’s criminal forces murdering a family on that date.

Pedersen claimed interaction with the UN-created Women’s Advisory Board — not to be confused with the Syrian Women’s Political Movement, likely also a UN fabrication — and of course called for the implementation of UNSCR 2254 (2015).

Of the UNSC tripartite aggressor P3 klan, the UK hurled a tweet condemning Syria for working to liberate Daraa al Balad from NATO-supported al Qaeda, and with a census that could have been provided by UNMAS’ director. France — of Gilets Jaunes mass enucleation infamy — called Syria’s self-defense in Syria “a murderous offensive.” Mercifully, the US’ Linda Thomas-Greenfield did not blather again about the America that never left being back.

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She did, however, play that savior complex to the hilt. Though her country leads the western world in incarceration, she arrogantly lied that Syria has a gazillion Syrians in ‘unlawful detention,’ that the US is careful that its illegal sanctions do not harm Syrians.

Syria News reminds Greenfield that none of the UNSC tripartite terrorists ever made note of the terrorists mass kidnappings in Latakia in 2013, of the terrorists massacre in al Rashidin — where takfiri savages had been exchanged for abducted Syrians. Nor was there ever even a phony voice of empathy by this imperial trio, for the Syrians at the Faiha Stadium, awaiting the release of abducted family members by terrorists of Jaish al Islam, Jabhat al Nusra, and other al Qaeda sects.

Likewise, the criminal trio was criminally silent upon the release of the documentary, The War of Terror on Syria through Forensic Medicine.

The Russian Federation Ambassador to the United Nations, His Excellency Vasily Nebenzya took the UNSC mobsters to task, noting Syria’s right to defend itself, noting that Daraa al Balad is currently blocked off by terrorists who are using civilians as human shields, who are blocking the humanitarian access over which the al Qaeda supporters constantly bark. He reminded the imperial liars that it is the bandits, the armed gangs who breach every cessation of hostilities brokered by Russia (though he did not suggest a cessation of this type of deal-making).

H.E. Bassam Sabbagh continued in Syria’s tradition of impeccable adherence to diplomatic protocol, while telling the UNSC that the illicit unilateral coercive measures are harming his people, that the UNSC should be helping to remove the American and Turkish criminal forces in his country, that the Council should not normalize the war criminal invasions and the water water crimes of Turkey against his country.

Miri Wood

The summary of the UNSC meeting of 24 August has been posted.


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