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UNSC Klan’s Monthly al Qaeda Chemical File Meeting against Syria

UNSC held its monthly bathhouse meeting on the phony Syria chemical files.

The NATO junta occupying the UNSC held its one hundred plus one monthly al Qaeda chemical file meeting against the Syrian Arab Republic on 10 March. Published rumors that the US and Russia were working on a plan to limit this, or the other anti-Syria monthly meeting to a quarterly propaganda fête has unfortunately been stalled, or completely written off because the US is outraged that Russia has answered DPR and LPR requests for military assistance against the Nazimaidan assault against the eight year old republics.

These tedious, lying, boring, and expensive for the world’s taxpayer gatherings are allegedly for the purpose of ensuring the fulfillment of UNSCR 2118 (2013), but given the fact that Syria’s never-used chemical arsenal was handed over in record time — June 2014 — and yet these meeting still persist, suggest that the unindicted war criminal junta that rules the United Nations plans to keep on with them, likely posthumously.

The US, by comparison, acceded to the Chemical Weapons Convention way back in April 1997, yet will not have fulfilled its obligations to destroy said weapons until at least September 2023.

The headlines for the UNSC ‘meetings coverage‘ statements become whinier every month.

UNSC P3 & their tap dancing House Servants continue to hold monthly meetings to lie about Syria.
UNSC P3 & their tap dancing House Servants continue to hold monthly meetings to lie about Syria.

NATO operative Izumi Nakamitsu, who functions as the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, has become a regular fixture at these perverse monthlies that seem to involve a Freudian form of geopolitics, one of sadoeroticism.

Nakamitsu is the consummate liar at these UNSC events, though the P3 is probably too bored to care, and the P2 too polite to mention it accurately, in mixed company.

Assad has nothing to gain from chemical weapons use. He is already winning the war. — American terrorist, Matthew VanDyke.

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as ‘the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives’ (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).“ — (another reminder that what the USA defines as terrorism, is also terrorism in Syria). 

UNSCR 1566 (2004) on terrorism.

The High Rep’s blatant falsehoods include the dog ate the DAT’s visas, but it’s Syria’s fault; members of the OPCW Secretariat postponed entry because of bad weather, also Syria’s fault; Secretariat got COVID, and must postpone, Syria’s fault; Israel bombed some alleged evidence, Syria’s fault, and Israel’s war criminal bombing never mentioned; she keeps on moaning that Syria won’t declare all undeclared chemical weapons, despite the fact that Syria declared them, and turned them over for destruction by June 2011, and despite the self-evident fact it is impossible to declare weapons that do not exist.

Nakamitsu pretty much repeats the same lies to the UNSC, every month.
Nakamitsu pretty much repeats the same lies to the UNSC, every month.

The High lying representative told the UNSC that the Technical Secretariat plans to visit and inspect the Barzah and Jamrayah facilities of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre in 2022, despite this Research facility being bombed because al Qaeda told the rabid dogs of war occupying the UNSC that the Syrians they kidnapped and murdered, manually, died from chemical weapons that Syria obviously did not use in Douma, April 2018.

One merely needs to watch the rancid video provided by al Qaeda in its various factions, to know that no CW was used in the massacre by the Helmets/Jaish al Islam/SAMS helpers as the Satanic false flag to incite the war criminals into bombing Syria.

H.E. Vassily Nebenzia — referring to the incident in which OPCW DG Arias, ill-prepared to answer honest questions, was prevented by a NATO klan member functioning as pro temp Security Council president, from answering questions of the Federation Mission — stated his hope that some day, Arias might return to speak for himself.

NATO OPCW is as corrupt as the NATO P3 who rule the UNSC.
NATO OPCW is as corrupt as the NATO P3 who rule the UNSC.

OPCW & UNSC coven pimp for NATO & al Qaeda against Syria.
OPCW & UNSC coven pimp for NATO & al Qaeda against Syria.

Syria News reminds our readers that the supporting proof of the uber corrupt NATO watchdog gang fronting for ISIS and al Qaeda in Syria, for supporting the lies of a British illegal Shajul Islam, who was permanently stripped of his license to practice medicine in his home country, who was previously indicted on terrorism charges, is found in the massive official statements of the OPCW, its FFM, its JIM, its IIT, all of which admit to never engaging in physical inspection because these savages from whom the squadristi have readily accepted fake forensics are too dangerous.

This April 2021 report contains hyperlinks to all the complete works of fiction by the OPCW in its NATO propaganda attacks against the Levantine Republic. It also includes a complete glossary to understand htf its language works, and when it is Newspeak or merely high hat elitist.

Unlike the uncouth, P3 NATO operatives, Ambassador Nebenzia is among a small handful — with several fingers left over — of diplomats who follow proper language protocol when addressing UNSC. As this journalist has no ethical responsibility toward these unindicted war criminals, before looking at the vermin’s statements, she addresses the scum directly.

“Scum” is how Sheikh Ramadan al Bouti described the al Qaeda terrorists in Syria, that the countries you represent support, before he was blown up in a mosque, by your adored ‘moderates.” These terrorists are criminally insane, but you are worse scum, perversely believing your finely-manicured hands are blood-less. You control the criminally insane, which makes you worse scum.

Look at this baby you helped to murder. He was among 250 Syrians who were kidnapped so that they could be murdered live, on camera, so that you would then bomb Syria blaming it for your vile crimes, so vile that you will all probably live for a very long time, since Beelzebub does not want the competition in hell.

This little Syrian baby died in agony, on 4 April 2017, from the poison your freedom fighting savages developed and threatened to use against the Syrian people, on 21 December 2012, and which the degenerate ‘bastion of peace and security’ refused to investigate, when the government made the request.

His last breaths were agonal, something impossible to fake.

Kidnapped Syrian baby murdered for camera so UNSC Nazi scum could have excuse to bomb Syria.
Kidnapped Syrian baby murdered for camera so UNSC Nazi scum could have excuse to bomb Syria.

Here is a short list of crimes against humanity that your demon countries have committed, in the recent period, which you continue to ignore, as you engage in murderous lies and ongoing threats against the SAR:

NATO crimes against humanity ignored by the now Nazi-loving junta ruling the UNSC.
NATO crimes against humanity ignored by the now Nazi-loving junta ruling the UNSC.

NATO representatives, the British Dame and the American Grandma, had their sit-ins bark the lies, again. Likely they were involved in the witches’ coven brew for the special meeting on Ukraine. Vichy France’s ambassador possibly avoids the coven’s work, thinking eye of newt should not be mixed with toe of frog.

Syria’s Deputy Representative, Koussay Aldahhak spoke to the deaf ears of the NATO junta rulers of the UNSC, on terrorists using chemical weapons against his fellow citizens. He reminded the intentionally deaf audience of the chemical atrocity in Khan al Asal, Aleppo, on 19 March 2013. The [weapons grade chlorine] attack murdered 25 Syrians. Most of them were Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending their people and homeland within their country. One hundred ten others were injured.

Syria's Deputy Permanent Representative Koussay Aldahak addressed the NATO junta rulers of the UNSC, 10 March 2022.
Syria’s Deputy Permanent Representative Koussay Aldahak addressed the NATO junta rulers of the UNSC, 10 March 2022.

As the diplomatic requests for UN-OPCW to investigate the video threats from an alleged ‘makeshift lab’ in Turkey, on 5 December 2012 (likely using neurotoxin VX to quickly kill two rabbits), and the 21 December 2012 video that demonstrated the quick-acting poison later used against the kidnapped Syrians in Khan Sheikhoun, UN-OPCW never investigated this deadly war crime.

Forty days after Syria made the request to then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari gave an extensive stakeout describing how the investigation was sabotaged by [NATO] Britain, [NATO] France, and [NATO subsidized] Israel.

Ambassador Aladahhak reminded the unindicted war criminals of the NATO-UNSC that the OPCW teams deployed to investigate al Qaeda terrorist claims that his government used chemical weapons against them (please note the featured image; these savages were among the ‘medics’ of Ltamenah), never visited the alleged sites — they were too afraid of al Qaeda, and so noted in the official FFM and other OPCW reports. These reports confirm the Syrian ambassador’s statement that these corrupt and terrified fact-finding mission members instead breached the chain of custody, accepting phony samples from “anonymous third parties,” and gathering verbal reports from “open sources” (funded by NATO countries, ‘open sources’ which function as mouthpieces for various factions of al Qaeda in Syria).

Syria News provides the videos of Mr. Aladahhak’s statement. As an attempt to sabotage his words was made by the impossibly honestly incompetent simultaneous translator, we recommend that our Arabic language readers ignore the English stuttering translation, which omits countless words.

On 10 March 2022, the NATO junta that rules the UNSC held its more than one-hundredth anti-Syria meeting of the chemical files hoax. During the writing of this report, it was brought to the writer’s attention that the Jabhat al Nusra al Qaeda faction had transported from across the border of NATO Turkey “seven modified missiles carrying highly toxious gaseous warheads to one of its headquarters in the city of Ariha in the southern countryside of Idlib to be used against civilians, accusing the Syrian Arab Army of doing so.”

Though this author would not shed UN crocodile tears should the inbred terrorists fry themselves as they did while transporting chemical weapons on 26 February, as NATO countries have recently come to not only adore the words, “false flag,” but also use them as sexual aids, should the savages be successful in another round of mass slaughter against indigenous Syrians, the NATO rulers of the UNSC could not possibly be more delighted in another cover story to help in collective ejaculation of their demonic blood lust.

Miri Wood

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