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UNSC Continues with Monthly anti-Syria Chemical Hoax Fetish

UNSC tripartite aggressors US, UK, & France bombed the Barzeh Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Center 14 April 2018, for al Qaeda in Douma, despite it having passed "intrusive" inspections. How the chemical file folk inspect it, remains a mystery.

UNSC has again demonstrated that the United Nations has been hijacked by NATO supremacists intent on besmirching its noble Charter, the noble Charter based on International Humanitarian Law. Once again, the non-sheeted klan running the show — and watching their dutiful House Servants tap dance — held the umpteenth monthly meeting on the phony implementation of UNSCR 2118 (2013). The P3 tripartite aggressors have gone Freudian, engaging in a repetition compulsion so fetishized one half expects to soon see some coprophiliac tendencies, akin to monkey dung flinging, in this bastion of peace and security.

Most of the UNSC speakers professed their faith in, and allegiance to, the OPCW, despite — or, because of — that group’s extensive history of corruption, particularly against the SAR…

NATO klan UN press release on those phony ‘Syria files.’
Repetition compulsion might sound like hyperbole until checking the dates of these UNSC statements.
Japan is MNNA.

They are liars. And they know that they are liars. And they know that we know that they are liars. Even so, they keep replying very loudly so. — Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz

Prior to metaphorical battle with the NATO P3 Hydra, the junta that has created a cold coup at the UN — and which terrifies some underlings into proper echolalia — let us engage in a short preface to refresh those memories. On 21 August 2013, terrorists bombed al Ghouta with ground-to-ground rockets tainted with chemical weapons — a gift from Prince Bandar who had neglected to send instructions with them. The number of murdered is not known; many of the dead — children and their moms — were identified as having been kidnapped from Lattakia villages, earlier that month. Obama was planning to bomb Syria because of the atrocity, a plan that was postponed when Syria announced it was joining the Chemical Weapons Convention. During the next several months, politicians and diplomats jonesin’ for a Nobel, told the world of the record speed in which the weapons were delivered and destroyed.

In her 4 March UNSC address — the third of this year — High Rep on Disarmament, Izumi Nakamitsu, went the route of Science™ by claiming that an unnamed facility that Syria stated was never used in its pre-accession to the CWC for CW production had unnamed “evidence” gathered by the Declarations Assessment Team (DAT) that “indicates” that such production “did, in fact” get produced.

Indication” is not “fact.” Claiming so is cheap politics, not science

Nakamitsu also claimed that some “samples” of things unknown, from the Barzah and Jamrayah facilities of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center gathered way back in November 2020, would have ”findings” [See APPENDIX 1 for a look into OPCW ”findings.”] released in “due course.” She made no mention of Ian Henderson’s statement to the Arria meeting in January 2020.

unsc p3 bombed essential science labs in syria

She also told the junta that she speaks with the head of OPCW on a regular basis (she did not mention him by name, or that he is a lawyer with no science background, whatsoever). Nakamitsu also demanded perpetrators be “held accountable.” Though she also did not mention perps by name, there was little to no “indication” nor “confidence” that she or klansmen ruling the UNSC considered unindicted war criminals Trump, May, and Macron when they smugly and menacingly mentioned accountability.

Demonstrating that previous co-penholders can be sleazier than current ones, Estonia gave the best House Servant tap dance, tossing in an attack on Russia, based on three failed ‘assassination’ attempts, utilizing a scary poison that British experts had previously claimed were up to eight times more lethal than the chemical weapon VX (after rattling off al Qaeda controlled regions of Syria in which al Qaeda terrorists claimed they were killed by CWs).

Norway’s representative unabashedly stated her country’s support for the EU’s illicit, wrongly termed, sanctions against Syria, having no problem ignoring the UN Charter which explicitly states that sanctions require the passage of a resolution by the UNSC. She also tried to pull an undiplomatic, rude, imitation of Rice’s 2011 bathetic walk-out and Haley’s 2018 cheap walk-out when the Syrian ambassador was speaking — but something about VTC decreases the already cheap dramatic effect.

Syria News has repeatedly noted some of the war crimes perpetrated by the countries that lead in genocide, represented by the NATO western supremacist P3 tripartite aggressors, most recently on 6 March. This trio is relentless in commission of atrocities, mass murder, criminal lies, and the uber disgusting flaunting of their genocidal white savior complex. During the 4 March UNSC anti-Syria criminal liars meeting, this trio upped its stridency a few notches via thinly-veiled threats.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN is His Excellency Bassam Sabbagh, who previously served his country as Representative to the OPCW in the Hague — which is where he said the technical issues brought up by the UNSC members belong. This was his second address to the UNSC; which required a terrible translator to be replaced with another terrible translator (perhaps the hyper-corrupt pay them bonuses to make the translators almost incoherent).

These are among the key points that Mr. Sabbagh brought to the attention of the the NATO permanent rep liars, and rotating liars on the UNSC:

  • The Syrian Arab Republic has condemned the use of chemical weapons and has never deployed them
  • The SAR volunteered to join the CWC
  • The destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile was unprecedented and completed under difficult circumstances [like Erdogan’s terrorists bombing the Lattakia port while the OPCW-UN were collecting]
  • Two decades after the United States joined the CWC, it still has not fulfilled its obligations [about 10% of its stockpile remains undestroyed]
  • The SAR continues to work closely with the DAT
  • Some members of the UNSC function in “bad faith,” thereby challenging Syria’s “good intentions,” Persistence in bad faith word and action increases the risk of future fabricated chemical attacks against the Syrian people
  • Outright lies by some SC members, and technical issues should be addressed by science experts in The Hague
  • “Open sources” is not evidentiary, nor is collecting samples from terrorists, testing samples with no forensics chain of evidence
  • The IIT is ‘deficient in professionalism’ [obviously noted when self-declared ‘liar, cheater, thief’ Pompeo sang its praises]
  • The unprofessional have attempted to besmirch the good reputations of persons such as Jose Bustani
  • OPCW FFM jumps at the command by certain UNSC members while 100 cases requested by the SAR remain opened [on 30 April 2013, Ambassador Jaafari gave a press briefing in which he described that 40 days had passed since his country requested an investigation into the chemical attack in Khan al Asal, an investigation that was sabotaged by the UK and France]

Miri Wood

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The NATO junta controls the criminal shenanigans of the UNSC and OPCW and the OPCW-UN — which is why the lies are seamlessly the same. Thanks to the NATO stenographer-journalists, nobody ever questions the lies, no matter how flagrantly insulting they might be.

“Findings” come from “open sources,” not actual evidence. Because of safety concerns over the terrorist atrocities by the factions of al Qaeda in Syria, OPCW investigators did not enter areas of the SAR, but were amenable to accepting the lies of the terrorists that scared them — such as Khan Sheikhoun, Ltamenah, Saraqib — and acceptance of fraudulent evidence from the killers.

The most infamous “open source” approved by the supremacists controlling the UNSC in the NATO klan’s ongoing attempt to destroy Syria, was the British illegal Shajul Islam, once indicted at home on terrorism charges, a degenerate who had practiced medicine at home for a whopping three months before his license to practice medicine was permanently revoked, a Mengele-type involved in all forms of terrorism in the SAR. Many of the murdered in Khan Sheikhoun had been kidnapped from nearby villages and slaughtered for the camera — emotional war pornography that normalized the NATO criminals running the UNSC bombing of Syria.


To condemn the finely coiffed and clothed NATO P3 bullies running the UNSC as Freudian criminally and malignantly degenerate really is not a stretch of the imagination. They represent the three countries that arm and fund the violent sociopaths, let them run loose in kidnapping, mass murder, pedicide, pedonecrophilia, snuff porn, ‘adult’ necrophilia, after which their NATO stenographer-journalists dutifully blame the atrocities on Syria, and give more money and celebrity status to those who engage in such delights as carving fetuses from their moms’ wombs, tying ribbons around them, and blaming the president of the country the NATO klansmen wish to destroy?

Which is the more wretched — the violent savages some of whom cannot help themselves, or the fine western supremacists who bully the UNSC and pay for this slaughter?

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