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UNMAS Sits on its Tuchus as another Syrian Child Murdered by Landmine

Landmines continue to kill and maim Syrian children while UNMAS does nothing except take census.

UNMAS continues to sit on its useless, gargantuan derriere as another Syrian child has been murdered, and two others injured in another landmine blast, this one on 10 December. This explosion was in Marat, of the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor. The murdered child was DoA at the nearby Al Assad Hospital, a second child’s injuries were considered serious, and the extent of the wounds of the third child was not reported.

The SANA report on the deadly blast in Marat, was skimpier than usual, omitting all relevant details, including ages and whether the kids were sheep-herding or simply being children at play.

UNMAS is the United Nations Mine Action Service. The UN Mine Action Service thinks quite highly of itself, of its synthetic humanitarian goals, and its phony commitment to humanity in countries where landmines and other explosives fall like manna from the heavens (NATO heavens, that is), bury themselves, and then magically explode.

From UNMAS' website, get to know its self-aggrandizement!
From UNMAS’ website: Get to know its self-aggrandizement!

Agnes Marcaillou is the NATO queen Director of the UN Mine Action Service-lessness. Way back in 2018, she brought her entourage to Damascus to sign a useless Memorandum of Understanding, allegedly to help the Levantine Republic in the clearing of such explosives of wretched cowardice, of cowardice so vile it stands shoulder to shoulder with deadly arson and the sexually impotent paraphilia, picarism (also spelled piquerism).

The finely coiffed Marcillou subsequently reported meticulous details of death and dismemberment of Syrians, –gruesome deaths caused by the landmines and IED’s — to the UN Security Council, grizzly weapons that UNMAS has done nothing to help clear, despite the finery of the MoU signing. Apparently, this also glass ceiling buster now has more important things to occupy her time, as her most recent appearance was in October 2019.

It has come as a shock similar to that of Captain Louis in his discovery of illicit gambling in Rick’s club, to discover that the world’s largest donors to UNMAS just happen to be NATO countries known for their hatred of Syria, and for dumping their human detritus into the Republic, and arming them, and having their media stenographers cheer them.

UNMAS top donors just happen to be Syria-hating NATO countries.
UNMAS top donors just happen to be Syria-hating NATO countries.

We did not anticipate that UNSG Antonio Guterres would utter a word of condolence for the dead Syrian child, and the two injured ones; for the most part, the esteemed Secretary-General is silent about such things. The exception — of course — arrives in things such as his UNMAS delivered! report, published on April Fools’ Day, 2021.

Somehow, Guterres’ missed the lack of delivery to the Syrian Arab Republic, while he somehow managed to bring in an ovation to the WHO, which has nothing to do with clearing explosives buried by Daesh/ISIS/al Qaeda cowards.

April 2021, SG claimed "UNMAS delivered,'' despite neglecting Syria.
April Fools’ Day 2021, SG claimed “UNMAS delivered,” despite neglecting Syria.

In the above report on the alleged great work of the Mine Action Service, the SG also managed to applaud that thing Orwellianly called “social distancing,” despite the fact that he and other world leaders function as the worst in inbred imbecility, given that not one of them has any idea of the distance of 6 feet / 2 meters.

Alas, we can not expect the esteemed Mr. Guterres to be cognizant of all things — including the trivial, like sanitizing his hands after wiping snot from under his nose, correcting the lies of NYC Mayor de Blasio, acknowledging the screams of Australian Aboriginal peoples claiming they are being made into guinea pigs by foreign military troops, his own lie about the OPCW being on the ground in Khan Sheikhoun when its own documents stated no investigator entered, or another dead Syrian child — can we?

After all, the uber righteous SG is currently in self-isolation — per another “abundance of caution” over the defective vaccines that do not provide artificial immunity, and therefore can not be expected to prevent transmission — especially as he reflects on his white man privilege of having recently received shot number three, while many in the African continent have avoided getting their first, despite sudden deaths of leaders, and immediate State Department/COVAX/GAVI dumps into their countries.

Lest any of our readers suffer excessive cynicism, we provide just two photographs as testament to the noble, saintly, Caucasoid, heart of the UN Secretary-General.

Perhaps during his caring abundance of caution isolation time, he will clear his overworked and overly compassionate head just enough to notice the next time a Syrian child is murdered and other Syrian children have been made permanently disabled.

Perhaps then, he will re-consider his ill-thought claim that UNMAS delivers.

Miri Wood


UNMAS delivers:

Another UNMAS delivery:

This UNMAS delivery did precede the April Fools’ Day publication:

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  1. Miri Wood

    The child with the serious injuries has succumbed, according to Alikhbaria, 11 December televised report.

    Two murdered Syrian children, while Guterres refuses to change either that UNMAS delivers, or the meaning of such ”deliveries.”


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