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United States: No Signs of Chemical Weapons use in Syria


According to the known White House spokesman Jay Carney, the US administration and services have no real evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The spokesman of the White House, Jay Carney, said this in Washington today.

The spokesman of the White House said further that the US administration and all their allies were intensively watching the situation in Syria and especially the rumors about the use of chemical weapons on Syrian soil, but so far, the United States and its allies keep sceptical about any reports which say that chemical weapons could have been used by the “Syrian opposition” forces in Syria.

Of course, the White House spokesman Jay Carney calls the armed terrorists and jihadists still “Syrian opposition” and even misses to use a word like “force”, “gunmen” or “killers”. That`s just the way to do such statements in the sense of the US interests in Syria and just a way to still not use the true words about all the thugs and religious fanatics who are fighting in Syria in order to increase the chaos and bloodshed there.

It`s not the situation that the masterminds behind these US plan believe that all these armed radicals and jihadists will succeed in beating the Syrian Arab Army completely and also to really overthrow the secular Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, who still has a huge support in Syria. All these human ressources, mainly uneducated people from small left alone Syrian areas or other Arab countries, whose majority seems to be very religious in the most wrong ways, are sent to Syria or were given weapons by dubious sources in order to decrease the stability of the state, to spread bloodshed and fears and to perform so-called false-flag acts.

If these foreign-backed jihadists and idiots have success and are able to occupy an area in Syria, the masterminds are happy. If the armed terrorists and religious fanatics lose an area, the masterminds do not really care a lot, knowing that there is an endless amount of human resources who can be sent to Syria for a very long time – while the both totalitarian regimes, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have enough money to keep the terrorism and bloodshed going.


In addition to the statements of the White House spokesman Jay Carney, it is true that the use of chemical weapons is partly not really confirmed so far. There are some videos showing the “Syrian opposition” (allegedly) preparing some chemical stuff or probably chemical substances which can be used to build some amateurish chemical weapons, and if chemical weapons were used on Syrian soil it seems clear and just logical that these dangerous weapons were used by the terrorist forces and not by the Syrian Arab Army. A simple logical thinking.

The US administration can stay as sceptical as they want to in the public – for the people in Syria it just does not matter whether Barack “The Drone” Obama is sceptical or convinced about the use of chemical weapons by the “Syrian opposition” in Syria. The Peace Nobel Prize owner Barack Obama did never help the Syrian people since he has left his trainee area in Chicago and became the President of the United States. The aid in dollars for the Syrian people is a very hypocritical stunt and can`t be so productive when the US administration meanwhile supports armed terrorists, jihadists and their old friends of al Qaeda in Syria to carry out terrorist attacks, bomb attacks, massacres and just blind rage on Syrian soil – also against Syrian civilians.

They hate our freedoms! #fail

Some US citizens really believe the phrase “they hate us for our freedom” – but to be honest, this is just not true. In terms of the Syrian people, they hate the American regime and especially such war criminals like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but the Syrian people are not such Gulf Arabs as some radicals in Saudi Arabia and Qatar; this means, the Syrian people can make a huge difference between the people of a country and the acts of the administration of this country, while the terrorists from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Wahhabi and Salafi criminals, are not only radical but also a threat for everybody. For the American people as well as for the secular Syrian people.

But the two totalitarian dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are mainly doing what the United States and Israel want, they have great deals, oil and a lot of money. Not to mention the US military bases in the Gulf. For example, the important American military base in Bahrain.

Thus, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are America`s best friends – even if they still support some terrorist groups who want to carry out bomb attacks in the United States. The politics of the US administration was hypocritical and dangerous for years and it still is. You really think they killed Bin Laden and 9/11 was not, at least, for a huge part, an inside job? Come on, get clear.

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