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Ukraine: German satire reveals the double standards

German TV: Double Standards Ukraine

The satirist Volker Pispers, one of the main figures behind the excellent satire tv show “Die Anstalt” in Germany, has exactly shown the double standards of Western news channels in their coverage on the events in Ukraine.

Although the satire tv show “Die Anstalt” is only published in German language due to the situation that the entire satire show is produced for the German state television. there are several recordings of this satire show with English subtitles available on YouTube.

One of the recent published recordings of this tv show shows the double standards in international law and of the known news broadcasters, and this is not only limited to the partly biased coverage on the events in Ukraine by the German news channels and newspapers. In general, these double standards by Western media agencies and news channels are also a part in the coverage on the events in Syria, Iraq, Iran, North-Korea, and so on.

To cut a long story short, here is the recent video about the double standards in the coverage on the events in Ukraine with English subtitles. These kinds of reporting, including the double standards, propaganda and hidden intentions with these reports, are also represented in the media report on the events in and around Syria as well as the events in many other regions of the world.

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