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Ukraine Accuses Russia of Stealing Grains that Reached Lebanon

The Laodicea Syrian cargo ship accused by Ukraine of stealing its grains

Ukraine, through its embassy in Beirut, accused Russia of stealing a cargo of grains and sending it to Lebanon onboard a Syrian ship, Reuters quoted the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut yesterday, Thursday 28 July.

The Ukrainian embassy claimed in its statement that The Laodicea, a Syrian ship, is carrying barley and wheat stolen from Ukrainian stores by Russia, the ship had docked in the Lebanese northern port of Tripoli.

This is the second time the US puppet regime in Kiev accuses Russia of stealing their grains and shipping them on a Syrian ship, the first time was in June, a month ago, when the Kiev regime accused Russia of shipping wheat by a Syrian ship heading to Latakia, the ship in question back then was held by the Turkish regime, one of the remained closest allies of Ukraine and Israel, and later released after their investigation refuted Kiev’s allegations.

Either Ukraine still thinks that Crimea is part of its land 8 years after Russia accepted the vote of Crimea to join the Federation, or the regime in Kiev continues to seek media attention after the heavy losses on the battlefield against Russia despite the European Union, the UK, and the USA are bankrupting and disarming themselves in their attempts to keep fighting Russia until the last Ukrainian alive.

It could as well be the same policy of demonizing their foes, a tactic they learned from the US Pentagon and its propagandists, Reuters in this case, and all the media that parrot Reuters without any proper research. In this case, the Ukrainians are attempting to demonize Russia and Syria together in one propaganda stunt.

Lebanon is going through a food crisis, people are packed at bakeries trying to get some loaves of bread to stay alive, and this unfounded allegations is a distraction exactly what can drive the Lebanese people further into the abyss, and God forbid restart their civil war, the same exact goal the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and ISIS (ISIL) were trying to achieve throughout the past few years.

Officials at Tripoli seaport told Reuters that they have halted the offloading of the ship until this allegation is clarified despite the origin of the 5,000 tonnes of barley and 5,000 tonnes of flour being a Crimean port as mentioned in Reuters own report quoting the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut.

On the 22nd of this month, 7 days ago, Russia and Ukraine with Turkey and the United Nations signed a deal to facilitate the exports of Ukrainian grains and exempt Russian exports of grains from western unilateral coercive measures, dubbed wrongly by western media and western officials as sanctions, the agreement established a center in Turkey with representatives of the signatory parties to observe the implementation of the treaty;l. Why the Ukrainian embassy is the one making the noise about this ship arriving at Tripoli when it’s the core function of the new center established in Turkey where the Ukrainians can raise the issue with the Russians directly in the presence of the Turkish and UN officials?

Despite the USA literally stealing the food of the Syrian children, Syria does not steal the food of other people, Syria is a civilization before being a state.

The Ukrainian ambassador to Lebanon met the Lebanese president and threatened him of harming the bilateral ties between his country and Lebanon if the latter purchased’ stolen Ukrainian goods’ referring to the cargo of Russian-originated grains. The Lebanese president, on his part, is the weakest among the Arab leaders who, along with his cabinet, literally have the US and French ambassadors running his country, would not be in a position to withstand pressure from what’s left of Ukraine, the same Lebanese cabinet that went out of its way and joined the US group to condemn the Russian special military operation in Ukraine when they could have remained neutral like the rest of the US closest allies and stooges in the region, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey, to name a few.

Whatever the intentions of the regime in Kiev is behind this fabrication, the Lebanese authorities must act swiftly to resolve the pressing issue of the bread shortage in their country and put an end to the meddling all foreign players do in Lebanon by the invitation of the Lebanese officials themselves.

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