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UK & EU Abolished Democracy – Exit the Brexit

EU and UK Slaughtered Democracy

On 23 June 2016, a referendum took place in the UK and was labeled among other terms ‘Brexit’ a short form for ‘Britain Exit the EU’.

In case you don’t know what’s a ‘referendum’ don’t worry, one of the leading universities in the UK itself Cambridge University explained it as:

Referendum: a vote in which all the people in a country or an area are asked to give their opinion about or decide an important political or social question.

In other words, it’s the main form of practicing democracy in a country where the people are invited to take a decision on a very important matter that the people’s own elected representatives to the parliament feared of taking such a decision on their shoulders and passed the responsibility to all the citizens.

Just a side note here the UK, formerly Great Britain, has joined the USA in invading and destabilizing numerous countries post the WWII, and long before that the UK alone, under the guise of ‘spreading democracy’, the latest chapter of this policy is what’s known as the ‘Arab Spring’, a plot to destabilize and control the Arab World, again.

Some of the bloodiest chapters of the ‘Arab Spring’, the US-sponsored and led 4th Generation warfare, can still be seen in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Algeria brewing now…

In Syria, in particular, they failed to push the people to revolt so they brought in up to half a million suicide radical terrorists from all sides of the planet to help them ‘democratize’ the country. In Yemen, when their plot also failed, they brought in some of the world’s super powers and super rich to bomb the country and commit countless heinous massacres the latest was 3 days ago bombing a children school and slaughtering 15 CHILDREN there.

The outcome of the Brexit referendum in the UK where the people exporting democracy worldwide tasted it at home was:

33.5 Million contributed in the vote, that’s 72.21% of the eligible voters, a very high turn out – 17.4 million voted to leave – 16.1 million voted to remain in the EU. The result of the people’s decision: Exit the EU.

What happened next is what the British Prime minister who initiated the referendum didn’t like the outcome of the vote and didn’t want to take the responsibility before his real masters, no, those are not the people who elected him into power, and resigned. He was replaced with his deputy a lady called Theresa May, who may obviously be one of the world’s ugliest war criminals beating her former boss in that.

The incumbent prime minister of the UK, with the help of the corrupt officials of the EU, managed to fool the public on both sides of the English Channel and started postponing and delaying executing the will of the voters in the UK, look up the majority in the world’s ‘Mother of Democracy’ voted to leave, that was back in 2016, almost 3 years ago.

False threats from both sides of setting deadlines for the UK by the EU and by the UK’s own prime minister of leaving the EU without a deal if the deal presented by the UK’s ruling party is not approved by the UK’s parliament. Well, guess what: The UK parliament turned down the ruling party’s proposed deals 3 times already.

EU and UK Butchered Democracy
EU and UK Butchered Democracy

What should happen is the EU enforcing the exit on the UK tomorrow Friday 12th of April, the already extended deadline, without a deal on the EU’s terms as per its own some article chapter, look it up yourself, but instead and as you can see in the Breaking News by NY Times screen shot above: The EU extended Britain’s deadline to leave the bloc to October 31st.

That’s the same host of countries: the UK and the EU member states that have ‘withdrew’ their recognition of a sitting president of a sovereign country Venezuela because they falsely claim that’s the will of the Venezuelan people and the will of the people should be respected. Hypocrisy.

The same host of, let’s not say countries rather we’ll call them governments who usually do not serve their electors but their enablers, who, after the Syrian people have won the war against the largest army of terrorists in the world now impose one of the most severe economic sanctions and blockade against Syria, because they falsely claim the Syrian people want to change their president which was refuted several times already by the Syrian people, and read above what they needed to do to force the Syrians to revolt, and if that is not enough, two member states of the EU have sent poisonous chemical substances to al-Qaeda terrorists in the province of Idlib to carry out a new false flag attack to enable them bomb again the country into submission.

If you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you

Those same host of governments who invaded and destroyed and divided and looted Libya under the same guise and managed to kill its leader Ghaddafi on camera for their thirst of blood be fulfilled.

Arab Spring
Arab Spring Blossoming

Those same host of governments who helped the UK itself and the USA to invade Iraq under false allegations that kept changing and then to ‘democratize’ the country, and to pave the way to the rise of the likes of ISIS, then destroy the country again to ‘fight’ ISIS…!

etc. etc. etc. for the invasion and destabilization of other countries.

As for back home in other chapters of proving the governments disrespect and use brutal force and intimidation against their own people when they ask for some basic demands let’s take these two examples:

London Revolt (dubbed London Riots by the UK governments and its propagandists): Back in 2011 when the UK was all mouth promoting the ‘Arab Spring’ plot to ‘democratize’ the non-absolute monarchy ruled Arab World, the UK citizens themselves got inspired and started to ask for their own rights in their own tax money: If you can finance wars and regime changes abroad, you better spend that money to enhance the living standards of your own people.

Little did the British masses knew that they don’t have a right to revolt and they are not entitled to freedom of speech their government preaches other countries for. Two young British men were sentenced to 4 years in prison for the crime of posting a post on Facebook calling for a protest, here’s The Guardian:

London Revolt Dubbed London Riot - No Rights to Protest against the Government
London Revolt Dubbed London Riots 2011 – No Rights to Protest against the Government

And then the Brits learned their lesson hard, temporarily, and stopped protesting. They had another chance in the Brexit referendum though, but the same lesson is repeated now since they forgot the first one.

In another more bloody episode in the EU this time is the French movement called the Yellow Vests (Gilets jaunes) where the people took to the streets in their tens of thousands against the banking puppet in the Elyse Macron described as a ‘populist, grassroots political movement for economic justice’… Wait French people, you’re only allowed to finance wars and regime changes abroad under the guise of ‘democratizing’ other countries, not to demand it back home.

So far the official toll of the Macron Regime brutal crackdown on the UNARMED Yellow Vests protests is: 15 deaths, all civilians, 4000 injuries some who lost an eye in snipers shooting rubber coated bullets. Watch how Macron forces practice aiming and injuring UNARMED French civilians:

Macron Forces practice shooting rubber-coated bullets on protesters

Why wouldn’t democracy be enabled in the UK and the EU member states but forced onto other countries? Why not the same democracy exporters have some at home? It’s not enough to be free to swear and curse the politicians in your country while they go on in their own agenda against you, cursing and swearing is considered rude as per the standards in the countries attacked to ‘democratize’, you should have the free will and power to remove those politicians when they act against your will and hold them accountable.

They fool you, they keep fooling you; they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.

Author’s declaration: I’m not a supporter of ‘democracy’, it’s simply a form of ruling where 6 ignorant can decide the fate of 10 ship passengers, usually they sink the ship, just using the West’s double-standards against the rest of the world. I support a republic where each vote is heard and personal freedoms are honored until they transgress over other personal freedoms.

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