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ubuntu edge smartphone 4gb

Ubuntu Edge: Just 9mm thin

Canonical Limited, these are the people who are behind the development of the Linux distribution Ubuntu, have finally announced their first smartphone. The new Ubuntu smartphone will have the name Edge and is said to be a so-called technical passion – according to its targeted audience. Namely enthusiasts, of course.

Therefore, the Ubuntu team wants to realize the financing of this new smartphone “Edge” by a crowd funding. The campaign will run from now on the Indiegogo crowd funding page and will be carried out by Ubuntu for the next 30 days.

The capital required for the new Ubuntu mobile device is estimated to be at 32 million U.S. dollars. Currently they were already able to achieve a little over $ 1 million by this crowd funding for the new smartphone “Edge”.

The Ubuntu Edge will feature a really good hardware:

The technical data can be read as if they would be coming from a super-nerd. Mark Shuttleworth, the known CEO of Canonical, explains in his video, that they have laid great emphasis on the hardware details of the smartphone.

Therefore, the display of the Ubuntu smartphone “Edge” is 4.5-inch large in size. With a High Definition resolution and the pixel density of the smartphone screen is high, of course.

A highlight of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone could be the dual-boot feature. The user is able to decide whether he wants to boot either the Android OS by Google or the customized Ubuntu Phone OS on the Ubuntu Edge, which will also feature a metal case.

Ubuntu Edge: Just 9mm thin
Ubuntu Edge: Just 9mm thin

In addition, there is still a fully functioning Ubuntu desktop version on the Ubuntu smartphone – if needed. The RAM is specified with 4GBby Ubuntu and the internal storage of this new device will offer 128GB.

Technical Specifications of the upcoming Ubuntu Edge smartphone:

4.5-inch display with high definition resolution (1,280 × 720 pixels)
Sapphire glass as the screen protector
Multi-Core processor
Android OS, Ubuntu Phone OS and Ubuntu Desktop OS
128GB internal memory
8-megapixel camera (primary)
2-megapixel camera (secondary)
LTE with dual antennas
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n with dual antennas
Bluetooth 4.0
Stereo speakers with High Definition Sound
Dimensions: 124mm x 64mm x 9mm

The first delivery is planned to take place in May 2014. Only when the goal in regards to the financing of this smartphone by crowd funding is met, the Ubuntu Edge will be introduced to the market. If this new smartphone with the Ubuntu Phone OS will be a successful initiative, Canonical will present something for nerds and smartphone fans every new year.

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