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The U.A.E. First to Reopen its Embassy in Damascus

u.a.e. Reopens its Embassy in Damascus - Syria - الإمارات العربية المتحدة تعيد فتح سفارتها في دمشق بعد قطيعة 7 سنوات

The U.A.E. ‘United Arab Emirates’ has officially reopened its embassy in Damascus, Syria on Thursday, December 27, 2018, after 7 years of strained diplomatic ties.

One of the work-horses working effortlessly behind the scenes to topple the Syrian state and at the same time maintaining the thin-line diplomacy with Syria, the U.A.E. now leads the Arab world in recognizing the Syrian people’s victory over the ‘War of Terror’ waged against them by over 130 countries.

Although the Syrian embassy in the U.A.E.’s capital Abu Dhabi and the Syrian General Consulate in its financial hub Dubai remained open throughout the crisis, it was mainly offering consular services, while the U.A.E.’s media was hell-bent on demonizing the Syrian state.

In November 2011, led by the Qatari former Prime Minister, the Arab League member states violated their own league’s charter and suspended Syria’s membership in the organization, which Syria was one of the main founders of.

WAM, the United Arab Emirates official news agency, reported the ‘Breaking‘ news as “UAE Embassy in Damascus resumes diplomatic service“.

“The move underscores the UAE government’s keenness to restore relations between the two brotherly countries to their normal course, thus enhancing and implementing the Arab role in supporting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

UAE News Agency quoted their Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Int’l Cooperation.

All eyebrows raised, especially those knowing the Gulfies, in general, stance against Syria, its sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence, when they were the main financiers and regional sponsors of the international terror that they facilitated with their accomplices in crime: Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon, not to mention the enemy of humanity Israel.

“This move will also prevent the dangers of regional interference in Syrian affairs”.

U.A.E. Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement added

This particular line, especially after the latest victories of the Syrian Arab Army all over the country, points to a different type of threat to Syria: their former partner in crimes against humanity the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood regime of Erdogan!

The close alliance Syria had with Russia and Iran, especially with Iran, can be added to the above-mentioned reasons. They can’t let the victors share the trophies alone.

If you don’t win by war, try to gain whatever possible by politics. There’s no confession in the statement that the Syrian people have won the ‘War of Terror’ the Gulfies financed the major portion of it. Playing on words will not deceit the Syrian people, let alone the Syrian leadership.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir inaugurated the Arabs turning point with his visit to Damascus 10 days earlier. He was conveying a message and reported the Syrian response to those who sent him. We did mention that in particular when reporting on his visit.

To return to Syria after so long and after the recent developments in order to try to shift the Syrian state’s policies away from those who stood next to it while they were stabbing it in the back, is more naive than standing against Syria in the first place.

However, changing roles is still in action among the Gulfies, Qatar through its mouthpiece Al-Jazeera state-owned news channel has gone non-stop rabid attacking everybody else, except Turkey, their lone public friend over this development.

Will the Syrian people forgive the backstabbing by all the parties who rushed to harm Syria? Very unlikely. Will they forget? Impossible. But for sure the masters of diplomacy, war, and resilience, the Syrian people will accept this initiative, and will accept the Arabs flocking back to Damascus, but will never grant them trust again.

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