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Two Kids Killed by Landmines in Syria and More War Crimes by Trump and Erdogan

Landmines - Syria

al Qaeda doesn't put up warnings; they hide their landmines and IED's everywhere before retreat - File Photo

Tuesday was a busy day for crimes against Syria. Two children were murdered by landmines while playing near their home in Tadmor (Palmyra), and their toddler sibling was injured (on Monday, a civilian was injured by a mine in al Huwaiz, northern Hama countryside). Erdogan mercenary thugs began stealing essential agricultural equipment from farmers in Hasaka, as Trump’s illegal troops again did not shelter in place as COVID protocol requires, but instead criminally brought more military equipment into a country that is not America.


Murders and mutilations by landmine explosion — along with the IED remote detonation of vehicles — are the war crimes used to attempt to create terror panic in the population at large. NATO-supported human pathogens retreating from the Syrian Arab Army plant them in farmlands, near schools, in residential neighborhoods and in business districts. They do not fall, like manna, from the heavens. They are manufactured and sold to governments that give them to terrorists (there is no such thing as a “moderate armed opposition.” Unless westerners would be okay with such savages in their countries, all armed criminals in Syria are to be considered various factions of al Qaeda/Daesh malignant sociopaths.).

Syria News reminds our readers that most of the 350,000 terrorists — including NATO media, NATO mercenaries, and NATO journalists — invaded Syria via the border with Turkey, and not one stepped on the almost 200,000 landmines Turkey was supposed to have cleared after joining the Mine Ban Treaty back in 2003. After the December 2016 liberation of eastern Aleppo, Russian sappers cleared almost 1,000 hectares of landmines and IEDs. Almost 18 months later, UNMAS arrived in the SAR to sign a memorandum of understanding to assist the Levantine republic in the cleaning of these weapons. To date, UNMAS’ contribution appears to be limited to keeping meticulous stats on death and dismemberment.

Yesterday, the Erdogan regime occupation mercenaries began stealing the tractors and other agricultural machines, at gunpoint, from Syrian farmers in the villages of Mraikiz, aal Amiratt, and Madhba’a in the Ras al Ayn area of northwest Hasaska.

These savages previously had merely extorted money from these farmers, money for permission to cultivate their farmlands, in Syria, which is not Turkey, or death.

In 2012 the FSA kinder, gentler, al Qaeda looted Aleppo oil machinery for Turkey and Qatar.

While the Madman Erdogan‘s criminals were threatening to murder farmers on one side of Hasaka, the Trump regime illegals criminally entered the countryside from Iraq, this time with a convoy of 40 military vehicles, logistical equipment, and several Hammers, en route to their illegal base in Haimu, west of Qamishli City.

The author stresses that the Trump and Erdogan regime countries have been significantly harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both countries are in lockdown. Turkey is reported to have one of the fastest rates of contagion in the world. In the US, people are being arrested for sitting on their stoops. Everyone is forced to shelter in place yet this attempt to mitigate the coronavirus has not mitigated these war crimes against Syria; these war crimes will be exacerbated by Erdogan thugs stealing machines needed to farm, and Trump thugs stealing oil.

Trump regime military forces have also been stricken by the COVID-19 pathogen. They should also be in lockdown.

Though these war crimes and illicit economic terrorism against Syria continue to be ignored by the always almost on its financial death bed UN, Secretary General Antonio Guterres has found money for another branch of globalist propaganda, a Communications Response Initiative.

Misinformation puts lives at risk; murder, not so much.

Three Syrian siblings are blown up by landmines the UNMAS has not helped to clear. UN NATO member Turkey’s mercenaries in Syria steal farm equipment which will result in less food production. UN NATO member US’s criminal and infected military steals Syria’s oil.

There is contemptuous silence over these breaches in the UN Charter; the imperial enmity is cacophonia.

Miri Wood

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