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Twitter Gives Anti-Jewish Tweets to French Authorities


The short message service Twitter has so far never given the data about anti-Jewish tweets into the hands of official authorities of states but it seems that the service has changed its mind because the data of anti-Jewish tweets were now released to the French authorities.

The problem about this news in general is the coverage by the mass media due to the problem that the most agencies refer to the tweets as “anti-Semitic” tweets, but this is not completely correct. It is about “anti-Jewish” tweets and not about “anti-Semitic” tweets and there is a huge difference between both.

While the word “Semite” is mainly used correctly and refers to every person whose native language is or was (historically) a part of the same relevant language family, the term “anti-Semite” is not only used, however, to gag every critical person who had balls to criticize Israel because it is probably even the best weapon of the Israeli regime to call somebody an “anti-Semite”, but this term also mainly refers to the discrimination or a hostile act against Jews… and the thing with Israelis is also a bit different.

So, the short message service has finally released the collected data of probably all anti-Jewish tweets to the French authorities and you will read in mass media that Twitter released the data of “anti-Semitic” tweets to French authorities – but as stated, there is a difference and even Arabs are Semites. It is just that anti-Semitic works better than to use the correct term anti-Jewish.

Twitter released an official statement today on its release of the anti-Jewish tweets to the French authorities. The statement by Twitter says that the short message service has complied with the request of the government in France to hand over the tweets that are related to “a rash of anti-Semitism” (anti-Jewish whatever..) on the website of Twitter in last October.

This “rash of anti-Semitism”, and I have to excuse myself, I don’t know if there is a word for anti-Jewish-sm in English, happened in October 2012 when several anti-Jewish tweets and hashtags appeared on the service of Twitter.

Twitter & Privacy (Source:

Including such hashtags and tweets like “”#UnBonJuif est un juif mort” (Translation: “A good Jew is a dead Jew”). Twitter has then taken down these tweets after the Union of Jewish French Students (UEJF) and other anti-racism and Zionist groups demanded the takedown of all the anti-Jewish tweets.

This was not the end of this story because the Union of Jewish French Students (UEJF) won a court ruling in January this year in France and wanted Twitter to hand over all the names of the people who posted anti-Jewish tweets in that “rash” in last October. Two months later, in March this year, the probably Zionistic Union of Jewish French Students (UEJF) sued Twitter for the nice sum of 50 Million dollars with the allegation that Twitter would not comply with the request of the French court.

Now it seems that Twitter has done what the Union of Jewish French Students (UEJF) wanted and thus, they have lost their balls and each user must now be more careful what he writes on Twitter when it is about Israel and such terms. You know what I mean.

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  1. Arklight

    Any freedom of action specifically implies responsible use of that freedom. Spewing animus and vitriol far and wide is not a responsible use. The social media could be a marvelous conduit for legitimate discussion, sharing of knowledge, promotion of constructive activities but too many people use the social media as an intellectual sewer, which is why I cancelled all of my social media accounts – – I’ve no use whatever for the vapid, the pot stirrers, the vindictive or the just plain stupid. Posting for the world to note that ‘A good jew, Chinese, Japanese, muslim, atheist, catholic,, yatta-yatta is a dead one’ is reprehensible, and should be taken down. As to turning over the information to the government? Well, that would depend upon the contest, wouldn’t it? As for the tweet itself, it appears that it was just another example of the stupidity which is so proudly displayed for the world to see. Note to the tweeter acquaintances; stay away from this guy, if you’re smart.


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