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Turkish Madman Erdogan Cuts Euphrates Water – A New War Crime

Turkish madman Erdogan cut off Euphrates water to Syria and Iraq - war crime

A new disaster is coming from NATO member state Turkey, the Turkish madman Erdogan cut the Euphrates water flow to Syria and Iraq threatening the lives of millions of people in both countries downstream the river and the desertification of millions of hectares of agricultural land, dozens of cities, and hundreds of towns and villages.

Over the past two years, the level of the Euphrates River has fallen to very low levels, depriving millions of people on both banks of its resources and spreading epidemics across its path.

Turkey has not adhered to the respective agreements it signed with Syria and Iraq, instead, it insisted on weaponizing the water by cutting it off by building a series of dams and creating new artificial lakes some of which are among the largest in the world. This has put great pressure on the ground and the Anatolian Fault leading some geologists to attribute the increased strength of the February 6th earthquake to these changes in the region’s geology for political gains.

In the past few days, the storage level in the lakes of the three Euphrates dams has decreased, drinking water and irrigation pumping stations were shut down, and the work of generating sets n the three hydroelectric stations (Euphrates, Al-Baath, and Tishreen) has stopped.

This threatens to completely cut off electricity, drinking water, fisheries, and irrigation water in the three Syrian provinces of Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, and Hasakah and in seven Iraqi provinces.

The following video clip was filmed by a local in the area:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


We are currently at the Euphrates Dam on the western side of the turbines and the waterfalls of the Euphrates Dam. We are now walking on this sidewalk for the first time in the history of Lake Assad after the dam was built in the seventies of the last century and filled the reservoir of the lake on the Euphrates, as you can see.

The level has dropped by 4.5 meters (14.7 feet). Last year, the upper sidewalk was barely visible. The water in its normal state used to reach the white line, as you can see in the picture, where the man reached, the water from the lake tank always reached there. Currently, this level for 80 kilometers (50 miles) long, 4.5 kilometers\N (2.8 miles) wide, and water is missing, with a height of 4.5 meters (14.7 ft).

The decrease in the water level threatens a humanitarian catastrophe in the region, starting with the failure of drinking pumps in all areas that take drinking water from the lake. In addition to the damage to agricultural pumps, and agriculture, in general during the dry season that we are going through as well.

Add to these, environmental and natural disasters such as bird migration and water pollution as we saw last year there were many cases of poisoning due to the contamination of drinking water pumped from shallow areas.

End of the transcript.

Meanwhile, Russian President Putin insists on shoring up this flip-flop hypocrite maniac Erdogan for the coming presidential elections in May by all means including by exerting pressure on the Syrian leadership to grant the Turkish pariah a summit with President Assad that would show Erdogan as the regional leader while his forces occupy large parts of northern Syria along with tens of thousands of Al Qaeda terrorists he has nourished over the years since he assumed office.

Instead of standing firmly by Syria in Russia’s capacity being a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, its partnership role with Syria in combating terrorism including Al Qaeda which also threatens Russia, and as one of the guarantors of the Idlib Agreement aka Astana agreement.

The Turkish madman Erdogan continues his evildoings against the Syrian people within the task assigned to him by his former boss, George W. Bush, the war criminal who invaded Iraq based on a lie only to serve Israel, Erdogan himself admitted in a TV interview that he was assigned by Bush ‘a leading role in the Greater Israel Project’ dubbed the ‘Greater Middle East’, which is literally the prophecy of setting the stage for the emergence of the Antichrist as found in the scriptures.

Aside from the prophecy, these are ongoing war crimes and an act of genocide the Turkish elite insist to carry on from their Ottoman ancestors; agreeing on a mutual security pact with the Turks, opening up the world for them for trade and bilateral exchange did not tame them, this time, they’re committing their war crimes with the help of their NATO sponsors, NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance!

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  1. Roy

    Not very surprising at all considering that Biden has been trying very hard to start a nuclear war with anyone who has finally had enough of him. They know very well that the end of the world is upon them and if they can’t kill everyone in the world before then; they’ll be the ones getting fried, not G_d’s chosen people, the Syrians.
    I’ve had to say good bye to everyone I’ve ever known and loved, because they’ve all turned into back stabbing psychopaths. I’ve been able to prove today that the 3rd dimension doesn’t really even exist; so we must all be, already spirits, so what does that make them? They never knew G_D, and now, obviously, they never will and can never escape his wrath.
    The Syrians will live forever in the grace for which they well deserve; while the others become mere shadows of what could have been them.


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