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Turkish Jandarma Killing and Torturing Syrians Spark Tensions

Turkish Jandarma fanatic paramilitary police loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan الجندرما التركية قوات مسلحة متعصبة موالية لمجنون تركيا اردوغان

The Turkish Jandarma killing and torturing of Syrian young men trying to cross the borders between Syria and Turkey scandal sparked tensions among the Syrians in Turkey and in northern Syria under the control of Turkish forces, the Turkish Army, and al Qaeda terrorists, where hundreds of thousands of innocent people are living in horrible conditions due to the Turkish madman Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman adventures, the scandal sparked further tensions with the Turkish public.

Between Turkey’s hammer and the anvil of the Syrian opposition, hundreds of thousands of Syrians await their unknown fate.

Yesterday, the news of the arrest of the director of Orient channel, Alaa Farhat, and the host of a program (Details) Ahmed Rihawi, raised many questions about the fate of the Syrian opposition in Turkey and the fate of the opposition destruction, as they imprison with them hundreds of thousands of Syrians from the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo and hundreds of thousands of displaced people on Turkish territory.

In the news, Oktay Yilmaz attacked the broadcaster and tore up his papers because he dared and condemned the Turkish Jandarma (fanatic paramilitary police loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan) killing of infiltrators from northern Syria across the border.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Several days ago, the Turkish Jandarma arrested several young men who tried to sneak across the Turkish border and forced them to drink diesel and poured it on their wounds after beating them with sticks and iron, where a young man was killed under torture and seven others were wounded before handing them over to the Bab al-Hawa crossing.

The Syrian opposition is awaiting its fate after the Turkish presidential elections this May, and after the international talks between Syria, Russia, Iran, and Turkey to reach a formula that satisfies Syria and Turkey.

NATO member state Turkey occupies part of Idlib province and the northern part of Aleppo province where it established several military bases and posts in conjunction with the Syrian opposition. The so-called Syrian opposition accepted for itself to break away from its motherland Syria and fall into the lap of Ottoman Turkey, where the dream of the Ottoman Empire still exists under the era of their successor Erdogan.

Syria, victorious in the most severe hybrid collective war waged on a single country in the world, will not be content to give up an inch of its land and will remain the master in its region, free and independent.

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  1. Ron Chandler

    STOP calling terrorists ”’oppositon”. The jihadists, Wahhabists and foreign criminals are NOT ”opposition”: The Syrian Opposition sits in the parliament in DAMASCUS. You are confusing the outside world, and you are using the West’s lying terminology, at the expense of Syria!

  2. Huda Hajjar

    I saw the video they made interviews with the tortured guys, this is not strange coming from the Turkish police, they are very racist and bad.


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