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Turkey’s New Role and Obligations per Astana 6 in Regards with Syria

image-Turkish forces preparing to enter Idleb - Astana 6 obligations

Astana 6 talks and its results are unlike all the others. The indicators are intensifying towards the end of the nearly seven-years continuous war in Syria. The Saudi and Jordanian statements which finally came during Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s tour of the region for their support for a political solution in Syria and the work on affirming the de-escalation zones is an important political indicator in this direction.

Also, declaring Idleb as the fourth de-escalation zone in Syria following the Astana 6 talks, and Turkey’s start to implement its obligations in this declaration is another indicator that has implications on the ground.

Turkey working on Astana 6 commitments with terrorists in Idleb

Ankara has already withdrawn its foreign fighters ((read: Mercenary Foreign Terrorists aka Moderate Rebels)) from Turkmen, Uighur, and Uzbeks from Idlib in preparation to send them back to their countries.

Turkey always denied there are foreign terrorists in Syria & maintained there are only Syrian Peaceful Fighters against the ‘regime’.

Wonder what is the Chinese reaction towards the Uighur and Turkey’s role in recruiting them and converting them into armed terrorists with experience in terror?!! To count one of the countries where Erdogan’s networks of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists recruiters were operating against the will of the sovereign nations and against their national security. We covered this earlier:

Turkey also withdrew media personnel and evacuated all Turkish media outlets in the city.

This all happened as Turkish military vehicles moved to the border with Syria. 80 military vehicles, including tanks, were transferred to the Hatay area ((Iskenderun Strip)) to be deployed in more than one border area, according to the Anatolia Agency.

The Turkish press reported information on orders from the Turkish armed forces to the Free Syrian Army, in its various groups, to prepare and be ready for the battle of Idlib.

5,000 Free Syrian Army armed men ((terrorist)) along with the Turkish Army ((Erdogan Forces)) are expected to participate in this battle against armed opposition factions, most notably the Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) similar to what happened during the Operation of the Euphrates Shield about a year ago.

Ankara also directed the armed factions associated with it to work under the Russian umbrella in Idlibو which was completely controlled by the militants two years ago. Thus, Idlib appears to be the site of the last military battles against terrorism in Syria.

The Turkish shift was engineered by the Russian president Putin who took advantage of the tense relations between Erdogan and the whole West, especially with the US.

The deteriorating relations between Erdogan and the West has brewed as his former enablers reached a conclusion he has consumed his cards and his role is no longer required. The West saw in the shaky personality of Erdogan a burden rather than an asset hence supported the failed military coup against him in July 2016 and never stopped showing their discontent of the man publicly at all occasions.

These developments coincided with Moscow’s announcement to agree to supply Turkey with the S400 Missile Defense System, despite strong opposition from the Americans and Europeans.

The announcement is significant, as Turkey is a distinguished member of NATO and is buying a qualitative weapon from the most prominent opponents of NATO, suggesting new political arrangements in the region prepared for the post-war period in Syria.

Germany, this summer, withdrew its units operating the Patriot air defense system from Turkey’s Incirlik base and repositioned them in non-NATO member but protectorate state Jordan, south of Syria. (July 9, 2017).

A phase that has become de facto, as Russia sent 4,000 tons of building materials and machinery to Syria to begin reconstruction of what is destroyed in this country, reflecting Moscow’s confidence that the declaration of the end of the war is no more than a matter of time.

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has earlier declared any Turkish presence on Syrian territory as “illegal,” Of course unless invited by Damascus and approved by the Syrian government. In the case Erdogan continues to play dumb, his forces will be considered occupiers at the end of their mission and would be evicted by all means available to the Syrian state and its allies and the Sultan wanna be will walk empty-handed except with a Warsaw Turkey instead of a Brussels Turkey.

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