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New Evidence of Turkey and Qatar Role in Plot to Blow Up UAE Airplane

image-UAE Etihad Airplane Turkey Qatar Terror Attack Foiled

New evidence confirms the close ties between Turkey’s Regime in Ankara and ISIS terrorist organization.

The Australian Police after managing to foil an attempt to blow up an Emirati (UAE) Airplane by members of ISIS terrorist organization confirmed in new information that the terrorist operation to blow up the Emirates Etihad airplane over Sydney was planned for in Turkey by a leading commander in ISIS terrorist organization.

(Video also available on BitChute:

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan in a press conference stated that 2 terrorists from ISIS tried to plant a bomb on a UAE’s Etihad Airways plane while departing from Sydney Airport (SYD) heading to the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Phelan pointed that investigations have revealed that ISIS commanders sent the bomb’s components to Australia in last April through an international shipping service from Turkey.

(Turkey’s) Zaman Opposition Newspaper considered this terrorist operation a continuation of Turkey’s support for terrorist entities, especially ISIS terrorist organization in cooperation with its ally the Emirate of Qatar.

Turkey – Qatar Terror Alliance

This increases evidence condemning Turkey in the international community for its sponsoring of terror, and positions (Erdoganstan) as the main ally and supporter of terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East region.

Syria has been the main target for the largest terror war in history in the past 6.5 years through this Turkish – Qatari – Saudi and other Gulfies and regional players alliance, with the complete blessings, sponsorship, approval and logistical support from the regimes in the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and many others.

After invading and destroying Libya, taking control of Tunisia and Egypt back then, the International Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization through its political wings (Erdogan’s AKP party in Turkey and the states of Qatar and Saudi…), its military wings: the FSA ‘Free Syrian Army’ or better called Free FROM Syrians Army, Al-Qaeda with its many variants that used to operate under the FSA umbrella then alongside it, and other groups that follow the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine like HAMAS which turned from a Palestinian liberation movement to a terrorist organization with Palestinians being the main fuel for it, and its financial wings the abundant wealth of the Gulfies.

In 2012 Turkey and Qatar were documented beyond any doubt to facilitate the destruction of Syrian economy by stealing whole factories and machinery, Syrian strategic wheat stock, and other produce, then burning down silos, olive and wheat fields in massive areas.

While the maniac ruling Turkey claims, like his brothers in Saudi, Qatar and other terror sponsoring regimes, that he is fighting terror and that his country is a victim of terrorist attacks and the resulting refugees crisis, thinking this would save him and the others from their responsibility in creating these terrorist organizations and bringing them to our region.

image-Turkey Unfriends ISIS on Facebook
Turkey Unfriends ISIS on Facebook
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